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Tom Hanks meet Suzanne Africa Engo

First Step

After 9 years of consistently teaching weekly yoga classes, I have finally “let go”

For the next 12 days, I have removed myself from: the lives of my yoga students; my occupations; and my home. Instead of devoting my time to the responsibilities of life, I have embarked on a long overdue vacation.

Question: The plan?
Answer: To nurture “myself” with fun, relaxation & friends.

Second Step

On 24 October,10:30pm, I arrived at SFO & boarded the plane.

On, 25 October, 7:00am, I arrived to JFK. With no sleep & slightly tired, I hopped the “A Train.” Soon later, I traveled to Marseille at 47th St. & 9th Ave (in Manhattan) to have breakfast with & check up on the updates of AIDS Activist, Suzanne Africa Engo.

Having not seen Suzanne Africa Engo since last year’s rendez-vous at Oprah’s Harpo Studios, I was very curious to hear about her upcoming AIDS documentary (about her run from New York to Chicago, Illinois).

And after watching the documentary’s movie trailer, I can tell you – “it’s gonna blow your socks off.”

However, there’s only one element missing Forrest Gump – “Tom Hanks.”

But if Suzanne Africa can get the attention of Oprah Winfrey – I’m sure together, we can draw in Tom Hanks.
(Got any leads? – contact me and/or Suzanne Africa Engo).

Third Step

Today, 26 October 2009, I am starting my day with a coffee in Brookyln’s Fall Cafe. I feel at home. And as I begin my 47th Birthday, I wonder what the future has in store. What will today bring? And tomorrow, what will happen in Berlin?

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