Athens Marathon 2018 | Tony Eason

It is very important to step out of the comfort zone & continuously challenge one’s self. Equally as important is emptying the Athens Marathon off one’s bucket list.

Therefore, with three #marathons under my belt, I’m going to get back out there and #RUN 44.197 KM / 26.2 Miles from Marathon to Athens, Greece in the Authentic Marathon, The Original Αθήνα Run, The First!

Athens Marathon Runner Tony Eason
Athens Marathon #Bib 12343 | Tony Eason
Athens Marathon Runner | Tony Eason
Athens Marathon |2018

12 Nov 2018

Athens Marathon Finisher | Tony Eason
Athens Marathoner |Tony Eason
Athens Marathon Medal
Athens Marathon Finisher Medal

Tony’s fairy godmothers got him home, post Cabernet break, he is off to an ice bath, pizza dinner & bedtime!! Tony will check in when his phone is charged!!

12 Nov 2018

Athen Marathon Runner | Tony Eason
Athens Marathon

12 Nov 2018

Pre race photo [minutes before start time]. #athensmarathon.

Athens Marathoners at Start Line
Athens Marathon Start Line
Athens Marathoner In Marathon, Greece
Athens Marathon |Marathon, Greece
Athens Marathoner In Marathon, Greece
Athens Marathon Start Line | Marathon, Greece

12 Nov 2018

Athens Marathoner on Shuttle Bus to Marathon, Greece
Athens Marathon Shuttle Bus
Athens Marathoner on Shuttle Bus to Marathon, Greece
Athens Marathon Shuttle Bus
Athens Marathoner on Shuttle Bus to Marathon, Greece
Athens Marathon Shuttle Bus

In route to start line! Time to separate the men from the boys.. .


This dream is HAPPENING!

11 Nov 2018

Athens Marathon Finisher Tony Eason
Tony Eason Runs Athens Classic Marathon
Athens Marathon Support Crew
Athens Marathon Support Crew | Lisa Hines & Katie Salvador

My support crew has arrived to #Athens!
Thank you Lisa Ruggieri Hines & Kathryn A Salvador for supporting this most epic endeavor.

It will bring me great mental focus knowing the two of them are here.. ..

Athens Classic Marathon in T Minus 5 Hours Thirty Minutes & Counting!

Athens Marathon Bib Number of Tony Eason
Athens Marathon Bib #12343 | Tony Eason

10 Nov 2018

Athens Classic Marathon Registration is complete!
Now having a beer. And then I’m off to the Air bnb to greet my dear friends Lisa Ruggieri Hines & Kathryn A Salvador

10 Nov 2018Bedbox Hostel Athens Address

Good morning from Athens, Greece. After a 4 hour cat nap, I feel a bit refresh. About to head out onto the streets for my morning coffee….

10 Nov 2018Athens Greece McDonald’s Meal

Presently, I am eatting “road trip” food at McDonalds (cause they got WI FI).
Apparently, I’m only a ten minute walk from my hostel. Then, I’m having a cat nap before meeting up with Alexander Stepanov for breakfast and heading to Athens Classic Marathon Registration…….

10 Nov 2018

Athens Marathoner Tony Eason Athens Metro Ticket

Made it to #Athens…..
Now to figure out how the hell to get to my hostel, then to the Athens Classic Marathon Registration to meet Alexander Stepanov, then 2:00 pm meet up with Lisa Ruggieri Hines & Kathryn A Salvador……

09 Nov 2018

Royal Dutch Airlines Flight Attendant at Schiphol

Q: What do you do when “the shit hits the fan?”

Upon my arrival to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, I proceeded to the automated boarding pass machine. After entering my confirmation code, my reservation for KLM Flight 1581 #AMS to #ATH was not found.

(At which point, my heart stopped).

Therefore, I spoke with a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Representative. With grace & true concern, the representative brought me to the correct counter to resolve the issue…..

(At which point, I exhaled)

After verifying my reservation confirmation ( received via email) and showing my proof of payment. Voila! A boarding pass was granted!

(At which point, I smiled).

Conclusion: The customer service department of #KLM is equally as professional, compassionate, and helpful as the on-board flight attendants. After over 10 intercontinental fights on the Royal Dutch Airlines, I can firmly state: KLM is THE BEST AIRLINES IN THE SKY!

KLM thanks for “having my back!”

31 October 2018

All systems are a GO! T Minus 11 Days & Counting!  Watch / track “live” Tony Eason running the Athens Classic Marathon by:

  1. Download the Athens Marathon 2018 App:
  2. Enter BIB #12343 or name, Tony Eason*
  3. Apparently, the participants have yet to be added to app. Check back closer to race day….

22 October 2018

Map of Athens, Greece
Athens, Greece Map

Time to start educating myself on Greece.  Athens in T Minus 20 Days & Counting!

16 October 2018

Q: What do you do when “the shit hits the fan?”


Yesterday, as I was working on my logistical travel plan for the Athens Original Marathon, I located my U.S.Passport. And to my surprise, I noticed my passport has expired.

At first, drama entered my thought patterns cause I need a new passport within 2.5 weeks. Soon following, I made an appointment with the San Francisco Passport Office.
Problem solved.

14 October 2018

Q: What is the elevation gain in the Athens #marathon?

A: Apparently, the Athens Marathon 2018 has 800 ft of elevation gain [great].

Several months, I began contemplating the elevation gain / hill climbing skills necessary to complete the marathon within the 6 hour standard time limit ……

Therefore, over the past 6 months, I have repeatedly ran my ass from 25th St. & Potrero Ave up tp Twin Peaks – a 4,000 ft. elevation gain. And presently, I’m running 20.53 miles with 6,000 ft of elevation gain .

Elevation Climbing = [check!]

Also, last night I was informed: “the Athens Marathon has a 9 hour time limit”…..

Marathon Finisher = [check]

Now, I’ll contemplate my perfect recipe for ultimate hydration, electrolytes & blood sugar stores ……

14 October 2018

6:15 pm last night, fellow marathoner Alexander Stepanov, Solaria Perez-Stepanov, and I meet with veteran Athens Classic Marathon Finisher Prashant Aji to discuss concerns and logistical planning for our upcoming run on 11 November 2018….


  1. The route is mostly “UPHILL!” [my favorite].
  2. Instead of 6 Hours; one has 9 hours to complete the course [plenty of time to crawl – if necessary].
  3. Greece will come out in full force to cheer the marathoners. Prashant stated: You will feel like you are in the Tour de France. [love it].
  4. On race day, the shuttle bus from Athens to Marathon will drop us off approx. 2 hours early – so dress warm.

12 October 2018

  2. Epic views on today’s 20.65 mile run.
  3. My body is responding well to the fitness running. I will be “on point” at the Athens Classic Marathon.
  4. I’m going to bed. Good Night!

07 October 2018

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Plane Tickets to the Athens Marathon 2018 have been secured.

Most airlines wanted to fly me either:

AMS to LIN to ATH [ 5h 50m – 1 Stop].
AMS to ZRH to ATH [ 8h 55m – 1 stop]
AMS to VIE to ATH [ 5h 20m 1 stop]
AMS to FRA to ATH [ 4h 55m 1 stop]
AMS to CDG to ATH [ 16h 30m 1 stop]

Yet KLM Airlines saved the day, flying direct:
AMS to ATH [ 3h 10m nonstop ].  THANK YOU K.L.M!

06 October 2018

After yesterday’s 20 mike run, I’m feeling quite confident about my performance in Athens.

Over the next 5 weeks, I’ll work on increasing my average speed with some interval training & I must complete two 22 mile training runs..

Presently, although on 600 mg. of Ibuprofen, I feel like “The Queen of The Night!” while heading to work.. ..

  1. My body has become stronger than it ever was [smile].
  2. G*d damn GPS failed! Therefore training route is shown in 2 images.
  3. Because there is a significant gap in the gps tracking, 18.65 Miles is inaccurate. 20 mile estimated run.

Mission Accomplished!

01 Nov 2018

Marathoner in Wattie Ink Tri Gear

Athens Classic Marathon | Tony Eason Runs 44 km / 26.2 Miles
Fatts Walder: Thanks for introducing me to Wattie Ink. Their #wattieink #triathlete #fitness Gear is “THE BOMB” [so many designs to choose from]:

05 October 2018

Although my Day Glow ASICS Kayano running shoes served me well in the Amsterdam Marathon, they will not be participating in the Athens Greece Marathon.

  • Today will be the final run in my loyal ASICS ….
  • A new fleet of Tri – Gear & Running Shoes is in route…..

Next marathon fitness run in T Minus 40 Minutes & Counting [see attached Route map]

28 September 2018

With each marathon fitness run, I learn something new.

Today’s lesson: DO NOT TAKE A 20 MINUTE SAUNA BEFORE RUNNING! [laughter]

Question: Ynot?
Answer: Sweating in the sauna can severely deplete your body of electrolytes …

At approximately 14 Miles into today’s run, my legs started cramping. Soon following, my neck cramped up. And then, my abdominal region & hands followed suit…. After downing my electrolyte drink, the cramping lessened. However, at mile 16, my Training Run was aborted. 16.21 Mile Run. Mission Accomplished! [back out there on Sunday].

28 September 2018

“One of the most important keys to success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you don’t feel like doing it.”

Next Athens Classic Marathon #Fitness Run In T Minus 4 Hours & 15 Minutes….. Yet first, I must visit Crunch Fitness for my 10:30 am morning swim……

18 September 2018

In all sense of the word; today’s marathon training Run was EPIC  ….  My goal was to run to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Yet as I approached the bridge, I checked my mileage.

Voice in My Head: Fuck the mileage! You made your goal.

Heart: 12 miles ain’t shit. Keep moving bitch!

So I kept my roll…

Realization: 18.08 Miles later….l have finally got the little man in my head “in check.” Therefore, I GOT THIS!

[gps malfunctioned – therefore route is in 2 parts…..]


  • 25th St. & Potrero Ave to Dolores Street.
    Left on Dolores Street to Clipper St.
    Clipper St to Twin Peaks
    Twin Peaks to Ocean Beach
    Ocean Beach to Cliff House
    Cliff House to Sea Cliff
    Sea Cliff to Golden Gate Bridge…..
    Golden Gate Bridge to Crissy Field
    Crissy Field to The Marina
    The Marina up Columbus St to North Beach
    North Beach via New Montgomery to Market & 3rd Street ….

17 September 2018

In my 20+ years of road cycling, I’ve learned: “It’s not about the destination; it’s more about the journey” ….

Well, the same theory applies to a marathoner……

My Athens Authentic Marathon running journey has been rigorous yet phenomenal….

Fear, procrastination, ego, discipline and perseverance have all been part of this journey ….. Yet, I WILL KEEP MY EYE ON THE PRIZE….

Next marathon fitness run in T Minus 1 Hour & Counting!

25th St. & Potrero Ave to Dolores Street.
Left on Dolores Street to Clipper St.
Clipper St to Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks to Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach to Cliff House
Cliff House to Sea Cliff
Sea Cliff to Golden Gate Bridge…..

[now let’s see what really happens]….

03 September 2018

Three Weeks ago, I would return home from my 12 mile runs, eat & immediately nap …..
Yesterday, I ran 16.45 Miles. I returned home, showered, ate & changed clothes. 15 Minutes later, I was in a lyft. Soon following, I was cleaning a friend’s house. And later in the evening, I was sipping a beer… . ..

  1. My body is metamorphosing in front of my eyes.

Crunch Fitness Yerba Buena Lap Pool In T Minus 2 Hours & Counting!

02 September 2018

Today’s Fitness Run: #RunBitch!  Goal was 17 Miles.
Reality: 16.49 Mile Run (an increase of 1 mile)

02 September 2018

The past weeks have been a psychological & emotional roller-coaster. Therefore, the last 48 Hours, I abstained from all physical fitness activities & silently sat while contemplating “the purpose of life”……


  1. This too will pass.
  2. All is Well!
  3. Keep walking your path….

Next Athens Classic Marathon training run in T Minus 40 Minutes & Counting!

30 August 2018

10 weeks before the #Athensmarathon.
Last week, I had a great 14.55 mile run around San Francisco [with 4,000 feet of elevation climbing].
Today‘s Goal: Increase my distance by running the same course yet extending my route to Ocean Beach & Return [it’s gonna be a stretch]….
Today’s Reality:  Mission Accomplished. Extend run distance only by .5 mile [sigh] Run was 8 Blocks short of Ocean Beach. 15.09 Mile Run with 6,424 ft of elevation climbing.
And now, it’s dinner time!

19 August 2018

Mission Accomplished!
14.55 Mile Run.
Thanks for the feedback…..

19 August 2018

I’m not gonna lie.
The past few weeks haven’t been ”the smoothest.”
Yet, I will keep my eye ON THE PRIZE!

#Athensmarathon #fitness training #run ….
25th St up twin peaks, over to to De Young Museum, return via the Panhandle, through Duboce Park, Up Dolores past Dolores Park and back to 24th St. & Potrero.   HOUSTON: WE HAVE A GO!

24 June 2018

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”……
Although today, gay pride, I could be drinking bourbon & checking out the visiting talent.  I must keep my eye on the prize!
#athensmarathon training #run in T Minus 20 Minute’s & Counting….

10 June 2018

Athens Classic Marathon 2018 #fitness #training #run #marathon
Mission Accomplished!

10 June 2018

Swimming Outdoors at Crunch Fitness was fun….  And now for the Athens Classic Marathon Training #Run in T Minus 5 Minutes & Counting!

25th St, & Potrero Ave to Twin Peaks and then some…..
Shooting for a 12 mile run….
Thank God GPS DON’T LIE!…..

27 May 2018

Athens Classic Marathon 2018 #fitness #training #run #marathon

Mission Accomplished!

06 May 2018

Sometimes we need “The Queen of the Amazon!” Wonder Woman!

2nd marathon trainingrun for Athens 2018
The tortoise is slowly becoming the hare.
Mission Accomplished!

30 April 2018

Athens Classic Marathon | Tony Eason Runs 44 km / 26.2 Miles on 11 November 2018
Just reinstalled the ”Endomondo App” back on my Android.
First #marathontraining #run for the #Athens #marathon 2018 in T Minus 15 Minutes & Counting….

Athens Marathon Route Info:

Athens Marathon Official Website: