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Fourth Step

In nearly every yoga class, I teach my yoga students to shut off that little man in their heads – to remain focused.

That little man – the one that tells you:

1. You can do it tomorrow.
2. You won’t get the job.
3. He / she doesn’t like you/
4. Just one more beer.

Well after touring The Beerhimmel, Tom’s Bar, Scheune Berlin, and Hafen & downing 4 Hefeweizens and 2 Becks with my host, Carsten Bauhaus, I concluded my birthday celebrations. And the following morning, I regained my focus.

And today, I began a Berlin yoga tour with a 1:00pm, “Power Lunch” Yoga Class with Christian Wenkoff at Spirit Yoga – Berlin.

Fifth Step

Christian Wenkoff

Christian Wenkoff was a yoga student for many years before he decided to take Patricia Thielemann`s advice and attend Ana Forrest`s Teacher Training Program in Seattle, Washington.

After working extensively in management consulting, he changed his focus to include more personal work with human beings. This is reflected in his teaching-style and in his continued interest as a personal coach. Christian teaches a challenging form of Hatha Yoga which is rooted in Vinyasa Flow and which focuses on intensive breathing techniques.

After traveling through the maze of Berlin U-bahns & S-bahns, I arrived at the Hackescher Markt. And as I swiftly walked pass Boss, Hussel , Starbucks, Adidas Originals, Scatolina, and Comme, I felt under dressed.

Yet when I entered the Spirit Yoga studio, I was very impressed.

1. Separate changing rooms (with showers & towels).
2. Introductory price of 10 Euros.
3. Very hospitable counter staff.
4. Customer Service similar to the Ritz Carlton (yes, I loved it).

Christian Wenkoff’s yoga class sequence:

1. Based on Suyar Namarksar B with some slight variations.
2. Subtle but great adjustments.
3. When he realized I did not have a full command of the German language, – he gave visual clues.
4. During Savasana, Christian gave each student a neck massage with natural oils / lotions.

It was a very nice experience – so let’s see what the following days will bring.

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