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Sports Basement Yoga Teacher, Tony Eason

“100% Free Yoga Classes”

“In November 2008, as I was looking at the “Grotto” (community space) of Sports Basement, a light bulb went on.   And, I began to ponder over the idea of using Sports Basement’s community space to serve the yoga community.

So to get the ball rolling, I began to teach free yoga classes each Sunday at Sports Basement.  A month later, I organized the first yoga teacher schedule; began the internet promotions; and then watched the yoga students arrive.

Since that time, the seed has blossomed.  And, Sports Basement has applied my initial concept of  “free yoga” to all store locations.

 I would just like to express my thanks & gratitude to all the yoga students who have attended & all the yoga teachers who have supported the idea of “free yoga Sundays” – making yoga accessible to every individual regardless of financial status . . . .  Much love & thanks,”

– Founder of Sports Basement’s Free Yoga Program,

Yoga teacher, Tony Eason

Sports Basement - North Face Fashion Show

“To any and all interested in YOGA, the Sports Basement on Potrero Hill  offers FREE yoga classes every Sunday afternoon 1:00pm – 2:30pm.

The best part is that there is a different instructor each time (some repeat each month) so you get to experience the teachngs of many in the “Grotto,” a big open space with lots of light.  And you get a 15% discount to shop at the Sports Basement afterwards!  Come check it out…the instructors are of top quality and the space is great.  Ask for Tony, the ring leader of all of this great free yoga, if you don’t see him.  He’s a trip in and of himself and is great.”

The Old Sports Basement

“This is a really awesome community service. 

Yoga is taught here every Sunday for free and the instructors are competent and aware of the fact that people of all skill levels are in this class. It is open to anyone, welcoming, and very uplifting. I think that if I were to recommend anywhere in the Bay area to start Yoga and get into it with a group who cares about health, this is it. Plus, they also offer 15 percent discounts to everyone in the class! This is really a sweet program!    Be very thankful to Tony for organizing it and for teaching class the first Sunday of every month. oooooOOOOOOOMMMmmmmmm! .” – Jake C.

“The Potrero Sports Basement location has an aura of fun.

You can shop with your dog, and find new stuff you never knew you needed on all 4 floors. I love that SB is very supportive of local community, offering meeting spaces to orgs like Team in Training, free yoga on weekends, etc.” –gwynnie p.

Sports Basement Interview

“Lots of community events including free yoga. “ – Helen F.

“And they always seem to have events happening, like the free yoga on Sundays that I say I’m going to go to and never get around to it.” – P D.

“Great staff, awesome stuff and great events.  Especially the free yoga.

I’ve been going for the past 6 to 8 weeks and it just rules. A variety of yoga teacher come on Sundays to teacher a group of us for FREE!! Did you hear that…FREE ninety nine!!!!!!! Plus I got a sweet kickball from there.”– Anita C.

Sports Basement - Breast Cancer Walk

“They offer a huge selection of sporting goods. The free Sunday yoga class is fantastic.

They have a well-trained teachers and welcome all levels of students. Tony is a great Iyengar yoga teacher. I appreciate his clear instruction and sense of humor.” – Helga H.

Yoga Classes at Sports Basement

“Free Yoga at Sports Basement is the best!  I just took my twelfth class there today and it was great. All the yoga teachers are excellent and its such a contribution to the community to have such a welcoming place to go and exercise, learn about yoga, meet other people and even get a discount shopping there. This is the kind of good will that marketing can’t buy. I tell everyone about the class and the store. I hope the Yoga classes will continue and maybe even more than once a week. Thanks Sports Basement for your commitment and contribution to the community.” – Serratia M.

Sports Basement - Yoga on the Roof

“I’ve been meaning to try one of their free yoga classes one of these Sundays at 1PM – I will try it soon and will provide an update.  Stay tuned!” –Moo N.

I was able to find badminton rackets at better price than big 5, lots of sports clothing, snacks, plus free yoga every sunday from 1 – 2:30pm.  Yea!” Sydney L.

“I’m not really the yoga type and ommmmmms make me nervous but when I found out that Sports Basement had yoga for free on Sundays I thought I’d take a break from drinking mimosas and give it a try.

I feel like all the bad behavior I exercised over the weekend is erased by my Sunday morning yoga and I can start of my week with a clean slate. No one seems to care that my sweat is really pellets of alcohol from the night before or that I arrived in my pajamas. And in case you didn’t think that free yoga could get any better, Sports Basement also provides mats for you to use, this means all you really have to do is role out of bed by 1pm.”– Britt C.

Free Yoga Sunday Streets - San Francisco

“I can’t say enough good things about this place.

Check out the free yoga every Sunday at 1:00 pm. Good for beginners and also for those of us who just need a good stretch.” – Bonnie B.

“Free Yoga on Sundays, 15% DISCOUNT given after attending class, and a superlative yoga Teacher Tony Eason…. what more can I asks for.   Keep up the good community/corporate citizenship.” – One P.

Sports Basement - Bike to Work

“Very friendly staff. And what was that sign about free yoga classes?

I think I’ll have to come back when I’m not in a rush.” – Cat S.

“A really huge store with good prices.  Free yoga on Sundays for those who do yoga (not me).  Good hiking gear and general sports wear.” – Fernando P.

“Sports Basement is a great store. Period. But I was really excited when I learned about the free yoga class on Sunday.

In this go-go-go world people of all walks of life could benefit from yoga and I think its great that Sports Basement is helping to make it accessible to all people.”– Jason A..

Sports Basement - Raja Yoga Class

“Sports Basement on Bryant offers a free yoga class on Sunday afternoon and  I think that is just wonderful.  The practice of yoga should be made available to all people.  Kudos to Sports Basement.” – Hillary B.

Five stars for hosting free yoga on Sundays (see: http://ynottony), great customer service, and best yet: a 20% off coupon for use in the store after the free yoga.  

Their ploy worked; I bought way more than I’d planned!

Virtual Online Yoga | Each Sunday

“Sports Basement’s Community Yoga Classes has gone virtual! Join one of our regular Sports Basement Community yoga instructors for a lovely morning flow. We can still break a sweat together! Warm up your body and improve your flexibility, strength and concentration. This is an all levels class and everyone (including pets) is welcome to join!”

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