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Harpo Studios & Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey – Harpo Studios – Suzanne Africa Engo

Arriving at Harpo Studios on November 17th 2008 at 11:00am, AIDS activist, Suzanne Africa Engo will complete a 1000 mile run from New York to Chicago. Suzanne Africa Engo, ran promoting Senator Barack Obama, raising awareness about AIDS in Africa & America and the importance of healthy life style in activism.

Since January 2008, Suzanne Africa Engo has now lost 100 pounds using Oprah Winfrey’s Best Life Diet. Which is why she chose Harpo Studios as an end point though there is no confirmation on whether she will meet with Oprah Winfrey.

Suzanne stated “It doesn’t matter whether or not I meet Oprah Winfrey because I have already met her in our common work, that of living our best lives and fighting for change in particular for the lives of African Girls- my love for her is not dependent on her schedule. Yet of course, I would love to meet her even briefly just to say thanks.”

SUZANNE AFRICA ENGO was last seen officially in ANGOLA INDIANA where the mayor declared a day in her honor. She spent election day in Michigan City Indiana pushing final campaign efforts in the battle ground state for Barack Obama. So she is looking forward to running the Chicago area in particular Grant Park where Barack Obama spoke and accepted his win which she campaigned for change:

Suzanne Africa Engo stated, “I just got my citizenship this year and I feel honored that I was part of the campaign that elected the next American president, especially since he is of African descent just like me. I knew that I would finish this solo marathon in a winning place as part of a winning team that the greatest achievement of my run is that I participated and will continue to participate in change making in America.”

PREVIOUS COVERAGE from THE RUN – New York to Harpo Studios:


Stephen R. Reed, MAYOR OF CAPITOL CITY PA (HARRISBURG) welcomed Engo who paid special attention to run through Harrisburg because of the latest student initiative done in Harrisburg to fund raise for African Orphans. The Mayor Declared October 3rd Suzanne Africa Engo day in the states Capitol and gave her honorary Citizenship in front of news cameras at a press conference outside city hall.

Suzanne stated, “I was so honored to get a special day in my honor, I dedicate that day to the power of young people to unite and fight AIDS from AFRICA to America”

Suzanne Africa Engo – MEDIA NOTES:

Suzanne Africa Engo is in Illinois and available for interviews or appearances all week!!!


Cause Media: New York : Andy Caturo

212 591 1434/ Mobile 201 401 5369

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