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AIDS/Lifecycle Cyclist, Tony Eason
AIDS/Lifecycle Rider, Tony Eason celebrates his 20th Yr. Anniversary!

After twenty 545 mile bike rides from San Francisco to Los Angeles, in support of the fight against the AIDS Pandemic.  AIDS/Lifecycle Rider, Tony Eason has finally got it figured out.

Basically, for each day of your 7 day bike trek, you pack & label a one gallon sized zip loc bag with each day’s bike gear and nutritional supplements.

  • 2 electrolyte drink packs
  • 2 vitamin packs,
  • 1 Recovery Drink Pack,
  • 2 carbohydrate shots
  • 1 shampoo,
  • 1 toothpaste,
  • 1 razor,
  • 1 cycling jersey,
  • 1 cycling shorts,
  • 1 pair of socks,
  • 1 base layer shirt

Place the Day #1 Bag next to your bed [for the morning].. Pack the other six bags & all accessories. Place gear bag, helmet, registration materials, and water bottles next to front door [cause you may have to sprint to the start line].

On Day #1 of the AIDS/Lifecycle Event:

  • Unpack the Day #1 zip loc bag [located next to your bed].
  • Put on the bike gear.
  • Cover yourself with Sunscreen (regardless of the sun).
  • Ingest one of your two vitamin packs.
  • Place the carbohydrate shots & electrolyte drink packs in your bike jersey pockets (for use throughout the day).
  • Leave the remaining supplements (recovery drink & vitamin pack) and toiletries in their original zip loc bag and place in gear bag [before departure to start line].

At the completion of your 1st of 7 daily bicycle rides:

  • Re-open the zip loc labeled Day #1.
  • Ingest the remaining vitamin pack.
  • Mix & begin to ingest your recovery drink.
  • Grab your toiletries and run to the showers.

After your shower:

  • Wash whatever cycling gear / hand towel  that needs to be recycled (with the extra shampoo from that day).
  • Throw out /or/ leave in the shower the excess toiletries.
  • Hang your cycling gear to dry (use the twine and clothes pins).
  • Go start eating your carbs, protein, electrolytes and fat (eating within the first 30 – 45 minutes will enhance your recovery).

And at the end of the day (before falling sleep):

  • Pack all the cycling gear from that day’s bike trek back in it’s original zip loc bag.
  • Seal the bag tight. & place back in your bag.
  • Remove Bag #2 from you bag and place next to sleeping bag [can be used as pillow].
  • Pack everything possible before going to sleep [it will be much harder to pack in the morning = cold, damp & dark].

The morning of Day #2 of the AIDS/Lifecycle Event,

  • Unzip the Day #2 zip loc bag [look next to your head], and put on the fresh gear.
  • Cover yourself with Sunscreen.
  • Ingest one of your vitamin packs.
  • Place the carbohydrate shots & electrolyte drink packs in your cycling jersey pocket.
  • Leave the remaining supplements in their zip loc bag and place back in gear bag.

Additional  Notes:

  • At the completion of your 2nd day of 7 daily bicycle rides,  repeat the same procedure as you did Day #1. Repeat the routine 6 times.
  • Additional toiletries should be packed in additional zip loc bag.
  • All clothing lying around your tent should be placed in a heavy duty trash bag (in case of unexpected showers or water sprinkler activation during your sleeping time)
  • Also, because of condensation on the tent walls, do not let anything touch the side panels of your tent.
  • And remember, when creating your personal ALC packing list -“If you can’t carry your bag for two blocks ….you packed way too much shit!” Enjoy the journey!

The Complete  AIDSLifecycle Packing List

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