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Private Yoga Classes

San Francisco Yoga Teacher, Tony Eason enjoys making yoga classes accessible to each & every individual.  Weekly you can find him teaching private yoga sessions everywhere – online zoom classes, gyms, corporate offices, weddings, catered parties, friendly gatherings, private residences and rooftop gardens.

Donation Yoga Class on Ocean Beach, San Francisco


  • The idea of practicing yoga among 45 yogis & yoginis makes you shake at the knees.
  • You’re a beginner who wants to get an idea of what you are getting into before you hit the group fitness yoga studio.
  • You are organizing an exotic yoga retreat or family reunion and you want to offer a private yoga lesson.
  • You are yearning for an tailored yoga instruction, anatomical alignment verbal clues, and/or physical adjustments.

Tony Eason could just possibly be your man.

Office Yoga Class on Ocean Beach, San Francisco
Outdoor Yoga San Francisco
Workspace Yoga | Gray Area Arts & Technology, San Francisco

Yoga in the Workspace

Is your work space yearning to add a wellness / yoga class to the office, team building getaway , group seminar or conference meeting?

Corporate yoga is a fabulous way to encourage employee’s health & well being, as well as to provide a team building experience between employees beyond the routine meetings & deadlines.

According to the American Psychological Association: “nearly 3/4 of U.S.A workers surveyed in 2007 reported experiencing physical symptoms of stress due to work. Stressed  employees are more likely to CALL IN SICK.”

Roof Top Yoga Class at Sports Basement, San Francisco.
Rooftop Yoga | Sports Basement, San Francisco

Free Yoga Classes for the Community

Perhaps, similar to Sports Basement, you have office space and want to offer free yoga instruction to the San Francisco Bay Area community while creating more foot traffic and/or possible revenue for your business?

All things are possible!

Contact Yoga Teacher, Tony Eason at: ynot @

Yoga Class in the Castro District of San Francisco
Workspace Yoga | Art Saves Lives Gallery | Castro District, San Francisco.

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