AIDS Story | Tia Barnard

Veteran Rider - Tia Barnard

AIDS/Lifecycle Cyclist, Tia Barnard

  • Occupation: Network Engineer – AKA “Geek”
    Height: 5′ 6″
    Weight: 200 lbs.
    Age: 32
    Present Location /Where do you live? San Francisco, CA 94117
    Favorite Book: Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood

What AIDS Charity events have you participated in?

– In 1999 & 2000, I was a cyclist in the ” Twin Cities to Chicago”.
In 2004, I was a crew member / roadie in the ” HOPE Ride ” (now called the ACT Ride).
In 2005, I participated as a cyclist in the “Ride for AIDS – Chicago.”

As an American Women, why is it important for women to participate in the AIDS/LifeCycle Event?

– AIDS is a human disease. It effects all communities. It is important for our friends & family to be cared for and educated. I believe in our society women are given the caretaker role, and we need to be compassionate and responsible with that role. The AIDS/Lifecycle event allows me to help speak out, educate and raise money for people with AIDS, who are often looked over or feared by society, where compassion is more appropriate.