San Francisco Bike Rentals

Where can I rent a bike in San Francisco?

Whether you are a tourist visiting “The City by The Bay” or a local San Franciscan wanting to go on a Sunday ride, The Bay Area has plenty of bicycles for your to rent.

Rent a single speed, beach cruiser, hybrid, mountain bike, fixie, or road bike for an hour, a day, or more. Yet don’t forget to gaze at the scenic views that S.F. has to offer ….

Road Bike Rentals

Mountain Bike or Hybrid Rentals

Single Speed Rentals

How Do I know if the bicycle is the right size?

There are several types of bikes (ex. road, mountain, hybrid, & cruiser) and various ways of determining the correct bike fit yet to make it real simple when choosing your rental bicycle:

  • If you’re a man, you’ll want at least 1-2 inches of clearance between your crotch and the bicycle’s top tube, when you stand straddling the bike flat-footed.  If you’re going to be doing some more aggressive riding, 2 or more inches may be better. Make sure the handlebar is within easy reach-you don’t want to have to stretch, or feel too cramped.
  • If you’re a woman, the amount of stand over clearance will be the same as it is for a man. But since women’s bikes often have sloping top tubes you’ll want to measure the clearance from an imaginary top tube-pretend the top tube extends horizontally from the front of the bicycle, and measure from there. Again, you’ll want to be sure you can reach the handlebar easily, without feeling “crowded.”

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