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A software component or application that adds a specific feature to an existing computer program or application is called a “plug-in” [WordPress] or a module [Drupal].  Regardless of what you call it, the add-on enables customization of a website template.

SEO Add-On |
  • Metatags | This plugin allows the ability to customize the text of  title & description meta tag attributes.  Also, it may allow customization of <H1>, <H2>, <H3> tags.
  • 301 Redirect | | What is a 301 Redirect? A 301 redirect prompts a search engine to redirect from one webpage URL to another  webpage URL address.  They are commonly used when the  site architecture is updated or custom URLS are altered.
  • SEO Plugin | Capable of producing “SEO-friendly”| URLs.
  • Auto Ping | This add-on allows a web developer to automatically alert search engine crawlers when web pages have been updated.
  • Sitemaps
  • Menus | This add-on allows you to manipulate your website page hierarchy or site architecture,  improve webpage density and  integrate targeted keywords into your drop down menus.  Avoid JavaScript, Flash, or jQuery based navigation menus.
  • Mobile Friendly | Responsive Design
  • Rich Snippets |

Putting Rich snippets within your website pages allows the Google Search Engine Crawlers to better understand each page context for indexing & display in the Google Search.

Rich snippets override search engine generated page descriptions allowing you to highlight information about your product and display reviews, events, recipes, videos, images and more, DIRECTLY ON THE SEARCH RESULTS PAGE [SERP’s].

Best WordPress Plugins & Drupal Modules