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Tegel – Berlin

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Nineteenth Step

With less than 11 hours before my departure from Tegel Airport, I returned to Roses for a “bon voyage” night cap & to go on a 9 hour magic carpet ride with, Kid Charlemagne, Maximilian Valentin Eder.

Flying in from Vienna, Maximilian meet me promptly at midnight. (I was very surprised that a man of so many talents could find the time). Maximilian, a vocal artist, fashion model & upcoming clothing designer, spoke of his upcoming collection and his possible CD release.

And when asked

Question: “How is it that you are so successful in your endeavors ? And, how do you know it will work out?”

Answer: “Kali

At 4:00am, in order to check out the temporary housing of Maximilian, I visited Nollendorfplatz. And as we continued with conversation & beer, Maximilian informed me that he had remembered something that I asked him (2 years ago) to bring from the foothills of the Himalayas

Question: “What is it Maxi?”

Answer: “Amitabha

“Through his efforts, Amitābha created the “Pure Land” (净土, Chinese: jìngtŭ; Japanese: jōdo; Vietnamese: tịnh độ) called Sukhāvatī (Sanskrit: “possessing happiness”) . Sukhāvatī is situated in the uttermost west, beyond the bounds of our own world. By the power of his vows, Amitābha has made it possible for all who call upon him to be reborn into this land, there to undergo instruction by him in the dharma and ultimately become bodhisattvas and buddhas in their turn (the ultimate goal of Mahāyāna Buddhism). From there, these same bodhisattvas and buddhas return to our world to help yet more people.” – Wikipedia – Amitabha

Twentieth Step

After 7 hours of conversation, beers, laughs, fun & NO SLEEP, I woke Maxi & headed toward the Mehringdamn Platz to begin my journey back to San Francisco.

Kissing Maxi goodbye, I jumped on the U-bahn.
7 stops later, I noticed that I was on “the wrong train” .
So, l got off the train & began to reroute.

And then, “the little man” started to speak & “I lost it!”
I began to contemplate the chances of missing the plane …


1. I had no time to waste.
2. I could not “financially afford” to miss the plane, I called on the assistance of Mohavatar Babaji.

Within 30 seconds, I heard a voice call out “Anthony Eason?”
And as I frantically turned around, I saw my VERY FIRST BERLINER FRIEND, an angel, Verena Veckwerth. Having not seen Verena in over 14 years, I was very stunned by her presence.

Quickly, Verena guided me to the correct U-bahn line & put me “back on course to Tegel Airport. …”

I made my flight to Schiphol
I made my flight to Hartsfield – Jackson.
And, I made my flight to John F. Kennedy.

With one eye open, several hours later, I sat eating a pizza (in Brooklyn) with yoga teacher, Jamie Lindsay.
Imagine that?

Iyengar Yoga Classes with Tony Eason

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