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Tony Eason has been teaching yoga for over 15 years &  a student of yoga  for well over twenty years.   As an athlete [road cyclist, marathon runner, and newbie swimmer], Tony gets how the physical, physiological, and mental benefits of yoga  affect all aspects of one’s being.


For five years he studied under the keen eyes of Yoga Teacher Mary Friedland. Tony continued to develop his personal yoga practice & teaching skills under the guidance of  Iyengar Yoga Teachers: Kathy Alef, Ben Thomas, Jaki Nett, and Nora Burnett.


Tony Eason apprenticed under  Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Janet MacLeod.   He is a graduate of the Two-year Advanced Teacher Training Program of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco.

Best of The Bay 2014 | Yoga Instructor, Tony Eason

Best of Bay Yoga Instructor

Through Hatha yoga classes, he teaches students to pay attention to the alignment of their bodies; to become aware of the breath; and to control the mind.

Presently, Tony teaches yoga classes and yoga intensives at  Active Sports Club Oakland, Crunch Fitness San Francisco & The Bay Club San Francisco.


Newbies, marathon runners, couch potatoes, seasoned yoga students, road cyclist and everyone else [including your next door neighbor] are encouraged to attend his weekly yoga classes.


SEO Consultant – Yoga Teacher – Event Manager – Road Cyclist – Marathon Runner