Trump T-shirts | Monopoli Parody – “Coup d’etat”

Four days after U.S. Election Day, news outlets projected that Joe Biden had won the 2020 U.S. Presidental Election. 

Instead of conceding, Former President Donald Trump immediately started pressuring local, state, and federal officials to overturn the 2020 election results. 

Many of these officials rebuffed his demands, concluding they were unethical, illegal, or unconstitutional. 

But a monopoly of officials, U’S Senators, U.S. House of Representatives, lawyers, and advisers joined the charge and attempted to help create the coup d’état.

Check out a Monopoli Parody -“Trumpology”.: A plot to creae a coup.

Trump T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, and more.

Assorted colors & sizes.

Monopoly Game Board Trump T-shirt. A Monopoly Parody titled "Trumpology." Avenue names are officials, U'S Senators, U.S. House of Representatives, lawyers, and advisers joined and tried to help U.S. President Donald Trump  create the coup d'état.. Monopoly T-shirt Logo.

“List of Board Game Squares: 

GO! Lie, Cheat, Grift, Bribe 

Rhodes Avenue [Purple

Marlargo Resort – “Free Drink” 

Thomas Avenue [Purple

Trump Sharpie “Pay $250” 

Trump Foundation – Fraud “Pay $200” 

Pardon? [Chance]

Jones Avenue [Light Blue

Hoffman Avenue [Light Blue

Lindell Avenue [Light Blue] 


Thomas Avenue [Fuchsia

Compania Electrica 

Conway Avenue [Fuchsia] 

McEnany Avenue [Fuchsia

Trump Big Lie – Fraud “Pay $200” 

Navarro Avenue [Orange

Marlargo Resort – Free Drink 

Meadows Avenue [Orange] 

Barr Avenue [Orange

Maga Free Hat 

Greene Avenue [Red

Pardon? [Chance] 

Gaetz Avenue [Red

McCarthy Avenue [Red

Trump University – Fraud “Pay $200” 

Giuliani Avenue [Yellow] 

Stone Avenue [Yellow] 


Bannon Avenue [Yellow


Cruz Avenue [Green

Graham Avenue [Green

Marlago Resort – “Free Drink” 

McConnell Avenue [Green

Trump Build A Wall – Fraud “Pay $200” 

Pardon? [Chance] 

Jade Spring Hill [Blue

Grift Fund – Golden Toilet “Pay $200” 

Cape Idokopas [Blue

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