At the age of 32, a friend suggested,  “sit in the nude & stare into a mirror.”  So, I did. And after staring (for 10 minutes) at my face, arms, stomach, eyes, feet and legs, I realized the mirror reflection did not match up with the words pouring out of my mouth.

So, I put down the cocaine; stopped hanging out at “The Endup”; quit drowning in vanity; and became a positive addition to humanity by participating in California AIDS Ride #2 [supporting the efforts of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation]. The 545 mile bike experience changed my life while assisting in relieving the suffering of others.

Presently, over 20 years later, I am very “proud” of my personal life changes.  From a cocaine addict to a road cyclist to a yoga teacher to a marathon runner to a swimmer. It all began with that first 545 mile, 7 day bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

One pedal at a time .. . . . And one hell of a journey . . . .

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Each year,  I enjoyed raising well over the $3,000.00 minimum to participate. Never the less, after 20 years of community service, 2017 marked my 20th & Final 545 mile, 7 day bike trek. So,  I decided to “GO OUT WITH A BANG!” [with a personal driver & hotel accommodations]. See: “2 Bikes & A Driver

AIDS/LifeCycle is a fully supported, 7-day bike event from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  It’s a life-changing bike ride [not a race] through some of California’s most beautiful countryside.

ALC is co-produced by the L.A.  LBGT Center & the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and is designed to advance their shared interest to end the AIDS pandemic.

In 1993, Dan Pallota & Palotta TeamWorks produced the first 575 mile, 7 day, bike trek from San Francisco to Los Angeles, titled:  “California AIDS Ride.”

In 2003, the California AIDS Ride was re-branded, After a name change, route change,  daily mileage change; voila! “AIDS/Lifecycle” was born.

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