Where are the Best “In-Person” Yoga Studios in San Francisco?

San Francisco Yoga Teacher Tony Eason in Ubbaya Pada Augusthasana

Since the beginning of the COVID experience, San Francisco’s Yoga Studios have struggled with yet adhered to CDC and California State and SF City guidelines:

  • Mask mandates.
  • 6-foot Distancing.
  • Outdoor vs Indoor Group Exercise
  • Vaccination Requirements
  • Open One Week & Closed the Next Week

San Francisco yoga Studio James Howell

James Howell Yoga Studio S.F

In turn, many yoga businesses have been forced to “close up shop!”

Luckily, a vast array of San Francisco Yoga Studios & Yoga Teachers have SURVIVED! Many Bay Area yoga facilities & group exercise spaces have metamorphized offering: yoga online, outdoor yoga and/or “in-person” yoga studio classes.

yoga tree yoga studio

Yoga Tree | Shotwell Yoga Studio | San Francisco

Whether you are searching for a Sivananda, Iyengar, Bikram, Asthanga, Flow, Heated, Prenatal and/or a Vinyasa yoga classes , it can all be found in “The City by the Bay.”

To someone new to S.F., wondering the streets of San Francisco into random yoga studios, ashrams, temples, wellness centers and gyms can become unfulfilling, frustrating & costly.

Finding the Best Yoga Studio for “YOU”

  • Consider and your present physical needs & limitations.
  • Take free classes in various Hatha styles.
  • Ask the yoga instructor about their training, accreditation & credentials.
  • Ask the teacher’s advice about which level yoga classes you should attend & what yoga studios, ashrams, or wellness centers you should visit.
  • After taking a class, review how you felt before & after the class. Did you have a rapport with the yoga teacher?
  • Do you like the yoga studio?
  • Was the intensity level of the class about right for you?
  • Did you feel calm in the wellness center?
Art Saves Lives | Donation Yoga Class in san francisco
Art Saves Lives | Donation Yoga Studio | San Francisco

Top-Notch Yoga Studios in San Francisco

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