AIDS Story | Leslie


AIDS/Lifecycle Cyclist | Leslie – “Shanghai Thunder”

Education: ?
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 168lbs.
Age: 33
Occupation: Import – Export / Owner of a Garage Door Company
Present Location/Where do you live? I live in San Francisco – 94122.
Favorite Book: The Iliad by Homer
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As a 4th Yr. California AIDS Ride / AIDS/Lifecycle Cyclist how did you first become involved with the AIDS Rides – And why do you continue to return?

I started with California AIDS Ride #6 because, I first and foremost loved to ride my bicycle. Eat, sleep, and ride for 7 days straight? What’s there not to love? But then, I came back two more times after that because of the amazing emotions and camaraderie that I experienced while riding with people and talking with them.

The memories of not only the first year that I did it but the following years still bring smiles to my face. I introduced 4th Yr. Veteran Sonya to the ride; her father died from AIDS when Sonya was in her twenties, and she’s doing it with me again this year. I enjoy coming back year after year because of the enthusiastic crazies that fight this horrible disease mile by mile. I also love to be in service to people and to a cause that I can be proud to support.

And if you could wear only one brand of cycling gear, what brand would it be?