Social Media

Using Social Media Tactics

Today, a good Search Engine Optimization strategy is incomplete without a social component.  Rumor has it, “the biggest difference between the ‘very successful’ and ‘not successful’ companies is their use of social media as part of the SEO strategy” [more info: ].

Branding and SEO

How individuals define you = “Your Brand.”

Back in the day, many people tried to “get over” by collecting as many followers on Twitter and Facebook as possible.  Yet presently, with the introduction of Google Penguin & Google Panda, don’t even try to fool the Google Search Engine.  Evidence shows that search engines are keeping a keen eye at not only who you follow but also who follows you.

So putting it short:

1. Follow companies and individuals of similar fields or interest & attract the same to follow you by posting only information relevant to your website’s product or services.

[This will built relevancy in the Google Search Engine while branding you as an authority on the internet within your field or interest].

  • Pay attention to and engage in conversations of current Twitter topics & trends.
  • Enable your visitors to share your content via social media “share” buttons.
  • Publish valuable & relevant content on your Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and thru other forms of Social Media  [and link to your website].
  • Start an SEO link building campaign – a fundamental requirement for Social Marketing any website.
  • Use the Hashtags Analytics Tool to find relevant topics & companies / individuals of similar services and products.  And use popular hashtags within your internet posts, article and responses to forum topics.
  • “Play where your customers are playing” – Example:  On Twitter, tag in the person or group who you want reading your message, post in groups on Facebook that contain a community of individuals who you want your message  received by etc.
  • Always respond to people’s post, be it to positive or negative feedback. Others individuals may be able to view a history of your tweets, and replies and if they see a lack of engagement, they may question your integrity.

Identity and SEO

In our present world, rather than television, individuals define you based on the internet experiences they have had with you or your company.  Therefore, it is important to build a distinctive & consistent “Social Identity.”

Having a distinctive & precise identity makes you memorable.  Individuals will recall your website & search for your name.   And you might even rank for related keywords you aren’t targeting in the Google Search Engine.

  • Identify your goods and services by name, symbol, and design,
  • Differentiate your products from other sellers.

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