AIDS Story | Eric

AIDS/Lifecycle Supporter |Eric

  • Education: Studying for a Bachelor’s in Journalism – S.F. State University
    Height: 6′ 3″
    Weight: 140lbs.
    Age: 20
    Birth Place/Origin: San Jose, CA–though I grew up largely in Charleston, South Carolina
    Occupation: Student Journalist – Cashier
    Present Location /Where do you live? San Francisco, CA 94133
    Favorite Book: “House of Leaves” by Mark Danielewski

As a San Francisco Resident, has the AIDS Pandemic affected your immediate community of friends, family, or self? And if so, how?

My uncle died of AIDS shortly after I was born, and it has always been a taboo subject in my family. I know his death was and continues to be difficult on many fronts, but I often wonder if the fact that he was gay also has anything to do with why I never hear stories about him.

As a fellow cyclist, have you ever heard of and/or considered participating in the AIDS/Lifecycle Event? And, what would it take to get you involved?

I’ve never heard of it (before today, anyway), but all it would take is a free week and whatever money I had to contribute! It sounds like a great event in so many ways.

In what ways does the AIDS/Lifecycle Event sound like a great event?

AIDS/LifeCycle excites the hell out of me because “pedal power” excites the hell out of me. The realization that I can go anywhere I need to by the strength of my own legs was almost religious to me, and to see that principal en mass over hundreds of miles would be something both humbling and empowering. I think an event like this would naturally work for the greater good, and to be a huge source of revenue for fighting a horrible pandemic…I’d surely hop on a bike for that.

And, if you could suggest one thing that other human beings could do to assist in making the world a better place, what would it be?

To be honest, following the vectors of their passions whenever possible. Nothing creates more positive social capital than a person for whom existence is joy.