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Reisen – Berlin – Tour

In 3 days, I will have completed a 12 day tour of Berlin, Germany. And after a 10 year absence from Berlin, I can still say – “IT’S MY FAVORITE CITY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (that I’ve seen so far).

Twelveth Step

While traveling abroad, I find great joy in hearing about the experiences of “the locals” Therefore, on Samstag, instead of running with the bulls, I stayed hone & I patiently awaited the presence of “Mr. X.”

Berlin native, “Mr. X” has lived in Berlin, Germany most of his life. Traveling most of Europe & Australia, he too agrees that Berlin is his favorite city.

And as we reminisced about 1987 Berlin night life , we spoke of “The Metropol,” The Jungle,” “The Risiko,” “Tom’s Bar,” “The Orangien Bar,” Dominica Bar,” “Cafe M,” “Kreuzberg” and the set of “Der Himmel Uber Berlin,” And we agreed, the Berlin Wall created a melting pot of diversity.

Question: How did the Berlin Wall create a melting pot of diversity?

  • The presence of the American, English, & French Armies created a “melting pot” of nationalities and assisted in making long term visas accessible to the “Ausländer.”
  • The option to German Nationals to reside in Berlin and be excluded from the German obligation to national service brought “left winged” German nationals to Berlin.
  • The ability to live cheaply in Berlin assisted in making housing affordable for Artist of all walks of life.

Thirteenth Step

Blackburn 2010

And as our 3 hour conversation ended & he dressed to leave, I noticed a little cyclist light on his jacket. And then, I was informed that it’s the Blackburn 2010 – the lightest, brightest rechargeable cycling light in the world (now with solar & USB charging capabilities). Coming to a store near you SOON.

Fourteenth Step

After a 10 year absence, I had a reunion with past tent mate & AIDSLifecycle Cyclist, Jonny Reichel. Meeting at Berlin’s Impala Cafe, we reminisced about our shared, 1999, 575 mile, bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. And, as fellow athletes, we spoke of Jonny’s endeavors as a competitive swimmer.

Question: What is Jonny’s next greatest adventure?
Answer: The 2014 Gay Games in Cleveland Ohio

“Cleveland, Ohio demonstrated to the Federation of Gay Games that they understood the mission of the Gay Games and our principles of: Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best‟™,” said Kurt Dahl (Chicago) and Emy Ritt (Paris), FGG Co-Presidents. “We were highly impressed by the facilities and infrastructure, the widespread community support, their financial plan and the city‟s experience in hosting large scale sports and cultural events.”Federation of Gay Games

During our walk from Nollendorfplatz to Schöneberg, I thanked Jonny for traveling from Hamburg to spend time with an old friend. And, I expressed the importance of supporting your friend’s endeavors. Therefore, I assured him, “I WILL BE THERE IN CLEVELAND OHIO” (as his “personal cheerleader”) as he goes for the GOLD.

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