AIDS/Lifecycle Route Map

AIDS/Lifecycle Cyclist, Tony Eason posing for his 20th Yr. Anniversary Ride.
20th Yr. AIDS/Lifecycle Cyclist, Tony Eason

Beginning with California AIDS Ride ; continuing with AIDS/Lifecycle. For 20 years, I followed the same bike path from San Francisco to Santa Cruz to King City to Pasa Robles to Santa Maria to Lompoc to Ventura to Los Angeles, California.

And with each stroke of the pedal, I knew I was doing the right thing.

AIDS/Lifecycle can be more than an AIDS fundraiser. It can be the bike ride of a lifetime. Yet, you better know the f#ck where you are going! [laughter].

Check out the AIDS/Lifecycle  Route Map on Google Maps.  Each year’s route may vary slightly but you’ll get the jest ….

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