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Berlin Tour

As a San Franciscan, I have become accustom to using my feet as a mode of transportation. Therefore today, instead of exhausting myself with the maze of Berlin’s U-bahns & S-bahns, I hit the road by foot. And with each step, I kept my eyes open.

Sixth Step

Stepping outside the door, two blocks away, I saw the most amazing combination of Autumn in Berlin & San Francisco’s Pacific Heights. Yet in past days, my host, Carsten Bauhaus informs me the beautiful modern condominium complex was the Vivante’s Klinkum An Urban Waterburg Strasse.

Seventh Step

In 1986 (before the fall of the wall), for 275 German marks a month, I had my only experience of living alone. Renting a 2 bedroom, living room, kitchen, coal heated & shared toilet, apartment, I resided at Manteuffelstraße 81, Kreuzberg 10999 Berlin, Germany. During this period of my life, I worked “Schwarzarbeit” as a Bartender at Schroeder’s Cafe on Bismarkstraße. I was very glad to see that my old home was still there.

Eight Step

Neptune sits at the base of Victoria Park. One on the few natural hills in Berlin (most hills in Berlin are rubble from World War II), Victoria Park is historically famous for it’s memorial situated at the peak of the park made by Karl Friedrich Schinkel – Berlin’s Most Famous Architect.

Ninth Step:

Walking in 7 Celsius, I found the need to stop for a “heiße Schokolade.” So, I made a pitstop in the Drama Bar. In the front of the bar, you will find a fabulous stylized pink interior design. While upstairs in the back, leopard-skin cushions amid jungle colours sets the mood.

1. Very accommodating staff.
2. Internet access.
3. Milch Kaffee, Beer & More.
4, Completely stunning chandelier

Tenth Step

Amongst the leopard-skin cushions of the Drama Bar – Berlin , I met a fellow Afro American blogger (originally from Cleveland, Ohio), “The GEE.” . We spoke of many things. Yet, one particular topic made my eye brow rise – the legalization of drugs in America.

Eleventh Step


Iyengar Yoga Classes with Tony Eason

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