AIDS Story | Djalma Fonseca

AIDS/Lifecycle Cyclist | Djalma Fonseca – “Mr. Rio”

Education: College
Height: 5-11
Weight: 178lbs
Age: 41
Birth Place/Origin: Rio De Janeiro, Brasil
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Present Location/Where do you live? San Francisco, CA 94110
Favorite Book: When Things Fall Apart

As a 7th yr. veteran cyclist, what words of wisdom would you give to “first time cyclist?” Also, if you could add one thing to the AIDS/Lifecycle Experience – what would it be?

My advice to first time cyclist would be: train, train, train. Don’t forget to do “back-to-back” rides especially towards the end of training season. One thing to add to the AIDS/Lifecycle experience:

The return of DISCO NIGHT. Or at least, some form of adult, fun entertainment (NOT cartoons, or some solo/slow guitar recital, all of which just puts every one to sleep).