AIDS Story | Sonya Prybutok

AIDS/Lifecycle Cyclist, Sonya Prybutok

  • Education: BA, English & Rhetoric, UC Berkeley
    Height: 5′ 5″
    Weight: 121lbs.
    Age: 35
    Birth Place/Origin: New York
    Occupation: Marketing consultant
    Present Location /Where do you live? San Francisco, CA 94131
    Favorite Book: “Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World”

Starting with which AIDS Ride, how many times have you participated?

– California AIDS Ride #7 (I think?). And this will be my 5th ride.

As a 5th Yr. Veteran, if you had one thing to say to “first time participants,” what would it be?

– It’s impossible to fail! This will be one of those life changing experiences that you WILL remember for a life time! You are stronger thenyou think.

Which day of the seven day event do you find the most challenging & why?

– Day 4. Here’s why…The first day is pure adrenaline, and we have a wonderful tail wind, so we sail into Santa Cruz, and we’re filled with joy and excitement about what’s to come. Day 2 we are still up and thrilled and it’s a really flat and easy journey (though it’s one of the longest days). In general, I always find that the 3rd day of riding in a row (on and off the ride) I am stronger then day 2 – my legs know what to do. It’s day 4, when you wake tired and sore with new saddle sores in all the WRONG places, and you realize that you still have 3 more days of riding to go that SUCKS…BUT, when you make it over the day 4 hump and we start to wind our way back to the coast – your spirits are lifted again…