AIDS Story | Spill Kincaid

Spill Kincaid

AIDS/Lifecycle Sponsor Spill Kincaid

  • Education: San Francisco State University, S.F. CA.
  • Height: 5′ 11″
  • Weight: 160 lbs.
  • Age: 28
  • Birth Place/Origin: Origin: Lexington, Kentucky
  • Occupation: Author, “Goat in the Tower”
  • Present Location /Where do you live? San Francisco, CA 94131
  • Favorite Book: “Goat in the Tower”

What do you think is the world’s greatest asset?

– A backyard with a row of okra, squash, mustard greens, kale, beets, and a watermelon patch in the shade. . . .

If you could make one wish for humanity what would it be?

– My wish is . . …that every family would have “cromag” rims, a titanium Nordic Track, and enough gasoline to feed the children.

How has the AIDS/HIV Pandemic affected you?

– It effects me because, it effects my brother man ………… Once upon a time, I was in the loonybin. I was in line to receive my daily medication. And, I was with a fellow patient, my good friend Tim.

Tim was aware of his HIV Status. Tim had AIDS. He was in line to receive the results of his blood test. The test results showed his T-cell count had dropped significantly below normal. At that moment, I witnessed him crumble.

Because of our “suicidal intent,” Tim and I were admitted to the loonybin. Tim failed to “off himself” because he really wanted to live. Tim had contracted AIDS years before, but when so few cells were left in his body to allow him to fight, when he faced death without a choice, then .. .I realized how important an answer is needed to cure HIV/AIDS.