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Donation Yoga Class on Ocean Beach, San Francisco
Free Yoga | San Francisco | Tony Eason

In San Francisco, where the median rent has rose to well over $3,055 per month, it has become increasingly challenging [if not impossible] for Bay Area yogis to maintain a steady yoga practice while paying $15 to $22 per yoga class  (x) 3 days a week (x) 4 weeks a month.”

Therefore, it has become crucial that yoga instructors are accessible to yoga students regardless of financial status.

Where can you find donation based or free yoga classes in the S.F. Bay Area ?

  • Below is a list of  San Francisco Bay Area Yoga Teachers and yoga studios who offer affordable, cheap, donation based or free yoga classes.
  • The following yoga instructors and donation based yoga classes are posted on as a community service to the Bay Area Yoga Community.
  • For yoga style, description, yoga class schedule, or detailed yoga teacher biography, please contact each individual directly.
Free Yoga Class | San Francisco at Pier 39.
Free Yoga Class | San Francisco | Pier 39 | Tony Eason

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