Suzanne Afro Engo runs to Harpo Studios – Part 5

Starting with the California AIDS Ride (in 1994) and continuing with the Aidslifecycle Event, I have biked well over 35,000 miles in support of the fight against AIDS. And during training rides & the actual cycling charity events, at times, I wondered if 3,000 cyclists traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles would cause a positive change for the future of mankind? Would hetro sexuals, homosexuals, transgenders, and bisexuals, begin to understand the seriousness of the AIDS pandemic? Would the world become a better place?

Well – with the guidance from Yoga Teacher, Daniel Giel, Suzanne Africa Engo has embarked on a 858 journey in the fight against the AIDS Pandemic. Running from New York’s United Nations to Oprah Winfrey & Harpo Studios in Chicago, Illinois.

And with the support & inspiration of Russel Simmons, Suzanne opened the eyes of Manhattan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, Ohio, Angola, Indiana, myself and “the city by the bay,” San Francisco!

In support of her commitment to the fight against the AIDS Pandemic, joining forces, Sports Basement of San Francisco, Chef & Owner, Lisa Hines of Bella Luxe, Maria Santana, Rebecca Cates, and Professional Fighter , Josh McDonald, mailed “care packages” to Middlebury, Indiana.

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