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Roses Bar – Berlin – Kreuzberg

Eighteenth Step

After catching up on the past 14 years, we showered and left the fabulous environment of the Axel Hotel – Berlin. And then, Bruno & I began to explore the Berlin night life. And after visiting several bar locations, we ended up at one of my favorites, Roses @ Oranienstr. 187, 10999 Berlin.

“Perhaps the most colourful star in the gay Kreuzberg bar firmament, Roses is truly a tacky sight to behold. No kitsch is too kitschy to grace the walls here, no plush too chintzy to upholster the chairs. Combine that with a fairly small two-room bar and a lot of patrons with a love of dancing and you get quite a scene. Roses seems to operate on the philosophy that you can never have too many disco balls. People really come for the atmosphere, although the beer and vodka tonics are nothing to sniff at. The bar’s another popular stop-off before SO36.” – Berlin Complete Resident’s Guide

From the street, one can only see a typical Berlin graffiti door. But once in side, it’s all about PINK.

Pink shag carpet covering every floor, every wall & even every part of the ceiling. Cheap tacky candelabras, disco balls, mix match furniture, funky tunes AND good ass cocktails. No fancy crowd here either. Just the locals of Kreuzberg & the tourist brave enough to venture in ..

As the people danced & the night lingered on, my vision became blurry. Yet, through the slits in my eyes, I noticed a familiar face. Another friend I hadn’t seen in 20 years, Rene – “the Rose’s Bartender”. (I was pleased to see that I wasn’t the only one who still had “pep” in their stride).

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