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Best of Berlin Tour

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After 10 years, I was very blessed to be reunited with the city of Berlin, Germany. During this 12 day Berlin Tour, I experienced several thing. And, I am thankful for what I have learned about myself & my surroundings.

Here’s a THANK YOU to the following:

a. The 20th Yr. Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
b. Carsten Bauhaus, Bruno Fritchy, Jonny Reichel, Suzanne Africa Engo, Jamie Lindsay, Ramon Alvarez & Maximilian Eder.
c. Spirit Yoga Berlin.
d. Roses Bar – Berlin.
e. Mahavatar Babaji

And here’s to:

Best of Berlin Tour

Curry 36 – Berlin Germany

“Drivers in Kreutzberg are pulled in by the aroma of this curry wurst being served at Curry 36. Invented by Herta Hower in 1949 during food shortages of the time, it soon became immensely popular with all Berliners. She patented in 1951. The ketchup secret formula includes ginger, cumin, cinnamon, cardamon and a variety of exotic peppers. People still come here from all over Berlin for this legendary smoked pork sausage.” – Julia Grimpe

While walking home from my trip to Victoria Park, I overheard three English speaking women. And as I listened, I heard one woman say to the others: “this place is famous for it’s Curry Wurst & Pommes.” Therefore, days later, Bruno Fritschy and I added Curry 36 to the Berlin Tour.

And after polishing of our second curry wurst, we agreed: “when we retire & get married, we will be having our wedding ceremony here at Curry 36.”

KLM – “The Royal Dutch Airlines”

For the past 25 years, flying to Spain, Morocco, France, Germany, Tokyo, and Great Britain (to name a few), I have searched for the airlines who treats you in style.


Walking past Delta, Lufthansa, Air France & British Airways, I was greeted by the most attentive airlines in the sky, wearing “royal blue” – KLM.

To please the palate, on my transcontinental flight to Berlin with Delta Airlines, I received:

a. A complimentary 4.5 ounce bag of peanuts.
b. A can of Coke.
c. Another complimentary 4.5 ounce bag of peanuts.
d. A glass of orange juice.

Yet when KLM rolled the carts down the isle, I received:

a. A Complimentary Vegetarian Pasta Dinner
b. Complimentary (after dinner), Cognac & Coffee.
c. A Complimentary Vegetarian Breakfast Quiche
d. A Complimentary glass of orange juice
e. A Complimentary cup of coffee
f. A Complimentary snack before departing the plane.

KLM provided an EXCELLENT “old school” experience.

a. No hidden extras.
b. Complimentary movie.
c. Complimentary drinks.
d. Bilingual / Trilingual Flight Attendants
e. Ritz Carlton style service.

My Hat is off to the “BEST AIRLINES IN THE AIR” – KLM – bedankt!

Hartsfield Jackson Airport – Atlanta Georgia

Go to Charles de Gaulle only if you are “Ironman” fit & want to go shopping in the finest of boutiques.
Go to John F. Kennedy if you REALLY want to be confused.
Go to Schiphol for “eye candy,” fabulous signage, and great service.
Go to Tegel if you want everything in “one terminal.”
Got to Hartsfield Jackson if you want to make a few friends.

As part of my return flight from Berlin to San Francisco, I had a 3 hour lay over at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, And being that I love studying airport designs, I ventured out (on 1 hours sleep) to take a look. And then, I heard people “laughing.” So, I followed the sound.

Within 5 minutes, I was intermingled amongst travelers from all parts of the universe. Sitting in the Brew House Atlanta, on my right was a man going “fishing” (as part of his brother’s bachelor party) in Florida. While the guy to my left (pictured above), he was going “fishing” in Texas.

Question: What the hell was I doing?
Answer: Not fishing. Just having a beer.

Excellent Southern hospitality!
My hat is off to the people of Atlanta, Georgia.
I’ll travel through Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, ANYTIME!

Best Berliner Car

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