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Black Yoga Teacher, Tony Eason in San Francisco

There is a lack of racial diversity within the San Francisco Yoga Community.  Within my 27+ years of yoga practice, I have yet to attended nor teach a Bay Area yoga class where there were more than 3 African American / Yoga Students of Color in attendance.  Therefore, I would like to lessen the disconnect between yoga students of color & the worldwide yoga  community.

  • The following Afro American Yoga Teachers  & Wellness Practitioners are posted on as a public service to the San Francisco Bay Area community.
  • For detailed class description, yoga class schedule changes, or detailed yoga teacher biography, please contact each individual directly.

Bay Area Yoga Teachers of Color:

    Yoga Teacher - Chanda-William

     Black Yoga Teacher in Oakland

Yoga Teacher of Color - Juko Holiday

Yoga Teacher, Nkechi Njaka   Yoga Teacher, Dominique Camille MA, RYT

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher -Laughing Lotus

Black Yoga Teacher, Shirley

Walter Williams Yoga TeacherNadine Johnson - Yoga TeacherHatha Yoga Teacher - Dee BenefieldWomen of Color - Yoga Classes with Maya BreuerPhoenix SoleilIyengar Yoga - Astanga Yoga - Ben ThomasYoga Teacher - Cecily GuestBlack Yoga Teacher - Tony EasonRamon Bostic - Certified Personal TrainerYoga Room

 Yoga Teacher -Saeeda_Hafiz

Yoga for Afro American Issues:

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