Nkechi Deanna Njaka MSC

Meditation & Mindful Movement Teacher

“I am always searching for access to greater self expression. I feel like that is the purpose of my life—or anyone’s life. And part of my work as founder of NDN is giving that access to my clients.

In my work as a lifestylist, I spend a lot of time thinking of the process to creatively design one’s life or a brand story. My method is clarity, connection, and creativity.

I always had a creative and quiet practice but I officially started practicing mindfulness in 2009. I was a clinical neuroscientist and it was my job. I trained clinical populations how to manage their stress and anxiety and as a result, gave them access to the possibility of living a very different life than they had previously known. It was beautiful and life changing.

Mindfulness is our access to authentic creativity and full self expression. As we gain creative identity, we lose the false sense of the self that we were sustaining.” – Nkechi Deanna Njaka MSC 


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