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AIDSLifeCycle – Fat Tire Beer

Tony Eason

I believe that World History is a reflection of the thoughts, actions and words, of Human Beings. Therefore, I have chosen to be a positive addition to History. And, I strive to live a non- violent (ahimsa) and empowering way of life. [However, I’m not a saint/far from perfect].

Leah & Author, Spill Kincaid (right)

With each year comes another fund raising party. Here are the pics for AIDSLifecycle 2005. And below, you can find the update.

Tony Eason & AIDS Life Cycle Sponsor, Rich

Sator Yoga Studio Owner, Andrea Stern and Luca

Cyclist Buddy, Chic

The Party & AIDS Life Cyclist, Ciara (2nd from left)

Past AIDS Life Cyclist, Don

AIDS Life Sponsor, Photographer, 'Mr. Reader'

AIDS Life Cycle Sponsor, Hair Dresser, Megan

Tent Mate, AIDS Life Cycle Cyclist, Jens

Tiger Honey - Lead Singer - Lead Guitar

In June 2010, for my 13th Year, I will participate in an event to benefit the S.F. AIDS Foundation called AIDSLifecycle. Each year, I cycle 575 miles (from S.F to L.A, CA.). And, I complete the ride knowing I did the right thing.

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New Belguim - Fat Tire Beer

AIDSLifecycle Sponsor – Fat Tire Beer

AIDS LifeCycle Sponsor - Fat Tire Beer

Fat Tire is so named for the bike trip Jeff took through Belgium that greatly inspired his home brewing efforts.”

AIDS Life Cycle Beer Bust Fundraising Sponsor - Fat Tire Beer!

So if you’ve attended last year’s Fat Tire Beer Charity Fundraising Beer Bust , or plan to attend next year’s party …..

Please send a thanks out to Brew Meister Jamie Mastin, Ed Dopman, & the Fat Tire Beer Team for their continued support towards charity bike rides, and charity benefits, and for their product sponsorships by clicking on their logo (below).

Click here send  a thank you tor Fat Tire Beer & Jamie Mastin for sponsorship of Tony Eason 's "Fat Tire" Fundraising Party's

AIDSLifecycle Sponsor – Soulcraft Bikes

AIDS Ride Spnsor - Soulcraft Bike Frames

“I believe in community and supporting local business. Therefore, I chose a frame maker who is local, top notch, good, honest people from Petaluma.”

Special thanks to Sean Walling, Matt Nyiri and the Soulcraft Bikes team for ten bike rides from San Francisco to Los Angeles on my “top notch bicycle frame.” Also, thanks to Soulcraft Bikes for stepping up and supporting AIDS Rides in the fight against AIDS with their generous sponsorships.

AIDSLifecycle Sponsor – Clif Bar

Leslie Michelle Abraham has represented Clif Bar & Clif Bar’s Product Sponsorships during California AIDS Ride & AIDSLife Cycle Events since approximately 1994. Over the years, we

have developed a great friendship. And, she has been a key supporter of my personal endeavors. Please click on the Clif Bar Logo and send her a thank you for supporting charity rides and thousands of cyclist (including myself) with contributions of Clif Bars, Mojo Bars, Builder’s Bars, Clif Shots, and Clif Gear.

Click here to send a thank you to Leslie Michelle Abraham and the Clif Bar Team for supporting thousands of cyclist (including Tony Eason) with a sponsorship of Clif Bars, Mojo Bars, Builder's Bars, Clif Shots, and Clif Gear.

Aidslifecycle Cyclist - Tony Eason

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