Sean Walling & Soulcraft Bikes supports the Bike Monkey – Mountain Biking for AIDS & Hunger

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On Saturday, March 25th of 2006 Bike
Monkey will hold its first ever cross-country event at Boggs Mountain in
support of Food for the Hungry and their ongoing AIDS relief effort in

This charity event will raise funds to support medical and educational
projects designed to help with the terrible pandemic that is racing across
the African continent.


8-Hour Solo and 3-Person Relay

Male, Female, and Co-Ed


Saturday, March 25th, 2006

8:30am to 4:30pm


Boggs State Demonstration Forest

Cobb, CA


Aids will kill more than one third of young
adults in some parts of Africa

Aids kills some 6,000 people each day in Africa – more than wars, famines
and floods.

Every day, around 1500 people are infected with HIV in South Africa where
over 4 million people have HIV – over 20% of the population.

In Botswana, a boy aged 15 has an 85% chance of acquiring and dying from
AIDS in his lifetime.

One of the greatest contributors to the spread of HIV is a lack of

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  1. hey sexy monkey. that’s some crazy shit going down in africa. i just hung out with a group from mali, country next to the ivory coast and niger. great folks. hope youre shaking it and all’s kicking like a peg-legged donkey on meth. word. love ya sexy. peace, spill

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