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Fat Tire Beer / AIDSLifecycle Fundraiser 2008

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Over the years we had Crimewave,& Renegade Revolution, DJ Fresh Freddy, your last night’s booty call, your mother, your yoga teacher, your ex-wife, and Sister Uma Gawd in the house. Well this year (besides the usual array of freaks), we had a special treat. After viewing the evite invitation, Sports Basement employee, Televis noticed that ribs, hot links, and burgers were on the menu. So he phoned me up and said, “Do you need someone to cook – cause I can bring my mother?”

Coming from a Texan background, I had no doubt that “Tank” knew how to work the grill. Walking in with her apron & homemade BBQ sauce, she single handedly threw down some BBQ Ribs, potato salad, hot links, and vegan burgers. And as she looked around, “Tank” noticed that there were “no collard greens” – so she pulled out her cellphone, phoned up a friend, sent them to Food Co. and within 30 minutes – the greens were in the pot.

And thanks to the yearly Aidslifecycle sponsorship of New Belgium’s Ed Dopman, we had two kegs of Fat Tire Beer to compliment the fine Texan fixens. So if you’ve attended last year’s Fat Tire Beer Charity Fundraising Beer Bust , or plan to attend next year’s party. Please send a thanks out New Belgium’s – Ed Dopman, & the Fat Tire Beer Team for their continued support towards charity bike rides & charity benefits, and for their product sponsorships by clicking on their logo.

Click here send  a thank you tor Fat Tire Beer & Ed Dopman for sponsorship of Tony Eason 's "Fat Tire" Fundraising Party's

Approximately 150 people showed for the sipping of Fat Tire Beer, “Tanks” Texan fixens, and the sounds of DJ Fresh Freddy & DJ Chris. Over 20 of the Sports Basement crew were present. Yet, no Oprah Winfrey. So who were “the freaks?” Check out the best of show – and then, you tell me (smile). And, as soon as I get the time – all the pics will be uploaded to flickr.

The Fat Tire Beer / Aidslifecycle Fundraiser brought in $800.00 bringing me much closer to reaching my $2,500.00 fundraising minimum to participate in AIDSLifecycle 2008.

Sometimes we want to help others, but we are so overwhelmed by all that needs to be done in this world that we don’t know where to start. We hope that tomorrow or next week, when everything calms down, we will be able to become the actively compassionate human beings we know we can be. We put off goodness like we put off going on a diet. See what you can do today!

Wishing the best of all possible worlds,

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