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Day Zero – The day of registration – 04 June 2005 – “All systems are a go!”

Today, 04 June 2005, the day of registration is traditionally termed “Day Zero.” This morning, at 9:30am,I arrived at registration to meet up with my cycling buddies, meet old friends, and participate in the “tent assignment,” “medical waiver release,” and “safety video.”

As I arrived to registration, I was greeted by my (father’s brother) Uncle Michael. Michael Stokes, my uncle, was one of over 400 volunteer crew members who were present.

Michael Stokes - AIDSLife Cycle #4 - 2005

Tomorrow, at 4:30am. I will begin my journey with the support and laughter of fellow AIDSLifecycle Cyclist: Kyle Rich, Woody Repulles, “Norwegian Cruiseliner” Tom, Jens Meiers, “Don Colnago” – Barry Elliot, “Girl A” – Sonya, Shivie Cook, “Mr. Rio,” and motorcycle crew member (and past California AIDS Ride cyclist) Jim Berquist.

Now, I’ll crack open a Fat Tire Beer. Eat some PASTA! And, I’ll begin to ponder on the whereabouts of Oprah Winfrey

Stay tuned for the 5:30am, 05 June 2005, broadcast of AIDSLifeCycle Opening Ceremonies – 2005.

See Ya on the road.

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Long time AIDS Life Cycle Cyclists- Jan & Tony Eason (left)

AIDS Life Cycle Rider #6138- Thomas Hellevig - Norwegian Cruiseliner

AIDS Life Cycle Rider #5925 - Jens Meier
 AIDS Life Cycle Cyclist #3157 - Barry Elliot/AKA: Don Colnago (far left) and Motorcycle Crew Member - Past California AIDS Rider Jim Berquist (center)

Cycling Mentor & Friend - AIDSLifeCycle Cyclist 6877 - Kyle Rich

On 05 June 2005, I will depart from San Francisco with fellow cyclist and 400 crew members in the AIDSLifeCycle #4 Event. So, if you’ve never seen a stream of 1,500 cyclist coasting down the streets …come out and cheer us on.

AIDSLifeCycle #4 2005 Route Map

1. San Francisco to Aptos, CA. = 84.4 miles
2. Aptos to King City, CA. = 98.7 miles
3. King City to Pasa Robles, CA. = 75.2 miles
4. Pasa Robles to Santa Maria, CA. = 98.7 miles
5. Santa Maria to Lompoc, CA. = 42.7 miles
6. Lompoc to Ventura, CA. = 84.1 miles
7. Ventura to Los Angeles, CA. 60.8

AIDSLifeCycle #4 2005
Opening Ceremonies – Sunday, June 5, 2005
Cow Palace
2600 Geneva Ave, Gate 5
Daly City, CA 94014
More info:
Cyclists & Roadies must arrive at Opening Ceremonies by 5:00AM. Friends and family should arrive by 5:30AM to observe opening ceremonies and the ride out. Spectator viewing for RIDE OUT will be available on Geneva Avenue.
NOTE: There will be no parking inside the Cow Palace.

AIDSLifeCycle #4 2005
Closing Ceremonies – Saturday, June 11, 2005
Wadsworth Theatre Grounds
Department of Veterans Affairs
11301 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
More Info:
The Closing Ceremony will begin at 4:00 pm in lot # 7 at the Wadsworth Theatre Grounds/Department of Veterans Affairs in Brentwood. If you will be meeting friends and family at Closing Ceremonies, Lot 7 (opposite the stage) will have lettered signage A-E, F-L, M-R, and S-Z so you can easily meet up.

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