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Oceanside High School.Reunion

1st Step – Preparing for my Oceanside High School 30th yr. Reunion

At 7:30am., 02 October 2010, I rose from my bed wondering; how would the day end?

And as I biked toward James Howell Studio (to teach my 10:30am. yoga class), I began to lengthen my exhale. After the yoga class, I quickly biked home to finish up my last minute packing.. After packing, I set with my good friend Maximilian and chatted about his latest adventures in Austria & India. And while conversing, we concluded; I needed a haircut.
Maximilian, a clothing designer, vocal artist, illustrator, model, and friend, then informed me that he has hair clippers & he would gladly cut my hair. And my response (as I rolled back my eyes) was .. .. . . ..
…. . . . . “yeah right, 1.5 hours before my departure to my 30th yr. Oceanside High School Reunion, I’m gonna let you cut my hair .. I would be BALD ….”
And so, with a sense of urgency, I rushed up 24th Street to visit my hairstylist.
Arriving at the “peluquería,” I patiently awaited my turn. Shortly thereafter, as I sat in the barber chair, I closed my eyes and found myself in a state of savasana. Yet when I opened my eyes, I WAS BALD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd Step – Arriving at the Sheraton Carlsbad, Resort & Spa.

Upon my arrival to the San Diego International Airport, I was greeted by (my friends of 38yrs) Chuck Thomas & Ralph Siller. And as we drove towards the Sheraton Carlsbad, we questioned:
  1. Who would we recognize and/or remember?
  2. Who would recognize us? (especially me, the “bald eagle.”)
  3. And would the Sheraton Carlsbad be serving Lisa Hines, “Bella Luxe?”
Upon arrival to the Sheraton Carlsbad, our high school trio searched out the appropriate ballroom. As we entered the ballroom, our eyes opened wide. All three of us were immediately impressed with the style & class of the catered event. And then, we were informed: “the Oceanside High School Reunion is down the hall. “

After finding the correct venue, we were bombarded by warm hugs & smiles from old friends. And continuously, I pondered over the identities of some individuals. Yet with each glance, I realized how fortunate & proud I was to have kept an ongoing relationship with Chuck & Ralph.
Working 20 yrs. in the event & catering industry, I know exactly “what & $100.00 per ticket” should bring you for dinner …. So, I was very curious to see “what kind of spread” the Sheraton Carlsbad would be sporting this evening .. . And as I approached the buffet, I was greeted by
  1. A chaffing dish of Pesto & Ricotta Ravioli
  2. A chaffing dish of Italian Sausage.
  3. Crodite’
  4. A Gouda % Swiss Cheese Platter.
  5. 4″ Plates
For a moment, I contemplated phoning Chef Lisa Hines.
Question: What was my intention?
Answer: To have Chef, Lisa Hines:
  • Grab her knives
  • Hop a plane to the Sheraton, Carlsbad.
  • Deliver Bella Luxe
Finding the location of the bar, we purchased drinks. And with drink in hand, we dispersed to collect life stories from the Oceanside High School Alumni. And with each conversation, I asked, “Are you happy?”
Most Alumni replied by speaking of:
  1. Their children,
  2. Past connections with the Oceanside High School Band
  3. Someone else from the Class of 1980.
Although, I would have preferred to hear tales of each alumi’s personal growth & self empowerment, I listened & grew to understand the world through their eyes. And from each conversation, I learned a bit more about myself & the path I have chosen.
A very enjoyable & enlightening day it was ……

*Check back for Step #3 of the Oceanside High School Reunion 3 Day Weekend …….