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The Yoga Body Oceanside

After surviving my Oceanside High School Reunion & the two days of “Boys Night on the Town of San Diego,” I rose from the coach. And as I sipped on my morning coffee, I contemplated the next three things I would experience during my reunion 3 Day Weekend.

  1. A Hatha Yoga Class
  2. My mother
  3. A farewell dinner with Chuck & Ralph.
Yoga Teacher - Yoga Studio Oceanside

5th Step – The Yoga Body Oceanside

Finishing up my morning coffee, I reached for my LG Fathom. And after a quick Google search, I found three yoga studio options in Oceanside, California – Bikram Yoga, Inner Strength Yoga, and The Yoga Body Oceanside.

At 8:15am, full of excitement, I arrived at the Yoga Body Oceanside. After entering the small yoga studio, I found myself a yoga mat. And as I awaited the beginning of the intermediate / advanced “hatha flow” yoga class, I listened attentively to the the conversations of the other 7 yoga students.

And although my fellow yogis /yoginis spoke of many things, from their conversations, I could sense their commitment to the practice of hatha yoga. And by the end of the 1.5 hour sequence, I could tell that Tracy (the yoga teacher) & the yoga sangha were not ‘F**KING AROUND.

After the yoga class, I went for a walk on the beach. And at that time, I conclude: the Yoga Body Oceanside studio & fellow yoga students provided me with a “welcoming” yet challenging opportunity to share in the practice of yoga. And it brought me great joy to practice with “my peers.” A most EXCELLENT SEQUENCING! And although I didn’t know when, I knew I would someday return .. . . . . .

Iyengar Yoga Classes with Tony Eason