AIDS/Lifecycle Cyclist - Tony Eason

Nineteen times, I have cycled 575 miles (from San Francisco to Los Angeles) in a bike ride event that began as California AIDS Ride and is now titled AIDS/Lifecycle .  And nineteen  times, I have completed the bicycle ride knowing I did the right thing.

In June 2017, for my 20th Year, I will participate in AIDS/Lifecycle .

AIDS/Lifecycle -SF

I am committed to riding my bike (perhaps for you) from S.F. to L.A., 545 miles, in seven days.  Also, I am committed to raising well beyond the $3,000 (per cyclist) fundraising minimum. Through a relationship with you individually or with your company, I can continue to assist those whom are confronted with the challenges of HIV/ AIDS.

San Francisco’s AIDS Ride has many intangible benefits you can be proud of — like the advertising that helps increase awareness about AIDS; like the way the approx. 2, 500 cyclist & 400 crew members get people talking about HIV / AIDS as they go out and seek sponsorship; or like the way the bicycle ride teaches people that we can work together to solve our problems.

These are the things that make this event so remarkably magical. These are important reasons to give as well. And these are only some of things you can count on the AIDS/Lifecycle Event to deliver.

As I bike those 575 miles, I will:

  • Express your shared interest in “humanity.’
  • Take every “Kodak moment” to capture your support in action & provide you with a marketing/advertising edge which most companies would enjoy.  Just imagine . .. your company logo among a stream of 2,500 cyclists biking 545 miles down the California Coast line.

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I will gladly accept sponsorship’s of every level.

  • You write the check; AIDS Awareness, AIDS Education, AIDS Prevention and AIDS Health Services continue.  [501(c)3 non-profit tax id number is available]
  • You send me your brand of cycling gear . ..  I’ll look “fly” – you’ll  get publicity
  • And if you have a better idea . . I’m all ears. … ..


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AIDS/Lifecycle Tips:

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