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AIDSLifecycle – Day 7 – Ventura to Los Angeles – 60.4 miles

The last stage of the ride was over in minutes (laugh). Riding 60.4 miles, it was a breeze. But, let’s not speak of the route. .. . ..

Let’s speak of how “so many individuals gathered to work together for one intention.”

Let’s speak of how “many people put off kindness like putting off a diet” ..yet, 1,618 cyclist and 400 crew didn’t sit on their asses (this week). …..

It was the medics, the sponsors (who I’ve nickled and dimed), the family, Jane Elizabeth Evenson

Photography, Mike’s Bikes – Sausalito, the cheerleaders, the bike techs, DJ “Fresh Freddy,” the gear teams, the yoga teachers, the bike security, the motorcycle crew, “Tiger Honey Pot” – the band, the caterer, the logistics team, the safety team, The San Francisco AIDS Foundation, the DFL Cycling Team, Spill Kincaid – The Goat in the Tower, Brooke Thorton – Manicaretti – Italian Food Importer,The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center, Jamie Mastin & Tad Natwick – Fat Tire Beer, Soulcraft, Adrea Stern – Satori Yoga Studio, Tyson – American Cyclery, Kyle, Jens, Norwegian Cruisliner – Tom, Woody, Tyson, Jim, Drew, Jason C., Jane, Helen, Housemate Rabiah, Shanghi Thunder, Sonya, Iyengar Yoga Teacher – Mary Friedland, Mr. Rio, Shiv, Woody, Cannondale, Powerhouse – San Francisco, my mother, your mother, Ginger, “The Angels,” Lisa Hines – Bella Cucina Catering, Julie Ashby, Leslie Abraham – Clif Bar, Ciara, Mary Hogan, Black Rock – Ireland, In & Out Burger – Ventura, Donald, Carl’s Jr. – Paso Robles, “The Unoffical Pitstop” – Mondecito, The Farm – Santa Cruz, Boudin Catering – San Francisco, Uncle Michael, and then some …..that made this whole thing happen.

And me, I’m in for the long haul. And, I’ll be right back out there next year!

World History is a reflection of the actions, thoughts, and words of Human Beings …

So as you go through your daily routine ..think of what is important ..and then …DO IT!

And if you can’t come up with something to do ….give me a call.

The AIDS Life Cycle Angels - guiding us safely from San Francisco to Los Angeles

Gear Truck 'A'- Barney, my super hero

Two blocks from the finish, I was joined by my cycling mentor, CAT-2 Cyclist, Kyle. As we approached the finish line, Kyle and I cycled “arm & arm” (my hand on his shoulder/ his hand on my shoulder) to the finish. . .. .

And, as we crossed the finish line, I heard the sound of a Cow Bell. And, a loud cow bell it was ……And holding the cow bell was my number one fan!

Beating last year’s record, my number one fan had arrived at the Wadsworth Theater Grounds at 8:00am. She unpacked her folding chair, read her book, had a little snack, ..and waited patiently …..

Each year, my number one fan:

1. Sponsors a one night stay at the Marriot Hotel.
2. Places a 6 pack of Fat Tire Beer & a vegetarian burrito in my hotel room.
3. Comes to the finish line.

My #1 Fan, my mama, at the finish line

Thank you Mrs. Eason!

And, to my surprise, as I stepped into my LAX Marriot Hotel room, I found a gift. Tad Natwick, Los Angeles Beer Ranger, New Belgium Brewing Co., dropped off a case of “Fat Tire beer.” Fat Tire Beer Rocks! Support the beer that supports relieving the suffering of others ….

Click here for information on the San Francisco - TOUR DE FAT - Drink the beer that supports AIDS Awareness, AIDS Education, AIDS Services, and AIDS Treament ...and tell them Tony Eason sent you