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“AIDSLifecycle Day Zero” – The Day of Registration

On 05 June 2010, I met up with veteran AIDSLifecycle Cyclist Don Colnago (AKA Barry Elliot) to completed the registration for my 13th 545 mile bike trek (and his 7th trek) down the California Coast Line in the fight against the AIDS Pandemic (see AIDSLifecycle Route Map)..

And as we walked around the Cow Palace, I noticed that several veteran cyclist were absent. The Griffith Park Dope Pedallers pace line was missing. And, Team Google was no where to be found. Yet a new arrival, “The Mission Cycling Club” was in the house.

And although I began to feel like “The Last of the Brachiosaurus.” I suspected that with the fall of the U.S. Economy, a drop in AIDSLifecycle registration would follow … .. After all, who’s got time to raise a minimum of $3,000.00 for charity when they have just been handed a “pink slip?”

“AIDSLifecycle Day 1” – San Francisco to Santa Cruz

On 6 June 2010, at 4:00am, I rose from my bed & drank my morning coffee. And as I sipped my coffee, I anticipated the usual AIDS/Lifecycle Opening Ceremonies. Yet I didn’t anticipate the karmic service of my yoga students.

AT 6:30am, as the S.F.P.D cleared the roads, the 1900 cyclist & 400 crew member caravan began it’s pilgrimage toward Los Angeles. And, as I began to weave my way through the peloton, I heard my name being yelled out. And when I looked to see who was yelling my name, someone pointed up to the bridge above me.

And at that moment, I experienced one of the TOP THREE ACTS OF KINDNESS ever focused toward me – A BIG SIGN (FROM MY YOGA STUDENTS).

Seeing the efforts of my yoga students confirmed that I was truly not alone in my 545 mile endeavor. Seeing the efforts of my yoga students provided me with the confirmation that someone understood the California AIDS Ride / AIDSLifecycle Story behind my commitment. And seeing the efforts of my yoga students showed me that they understand the meaning & power of selfless acts of kindness – the practice of karma yoga.

Upon arrival to Santa Cruz’s, Harvey West Park, I ate my El Jarro burrito and counted the participants bikes on the bike rack. And although this is “a ride not a race,” I concluded that I had arrived in the top 40 cyclists (not bad for a 48yr. old).

Soon later, I proceeded to collect my gear, set up my tent, and march on to meet the posse for our 4:oopm, Traditional Group Dinner Fest. And as we cued in the catering line, another act of selfless kindness occurred.

Although a stranger to me, AIDS/Lifecycle Cyclist, Christopher Watros (part of the extended posse) presented each & everyone with an appetizer, a slice of “Pizza My Heart

A wonderful 97 mile bike ride it was …. (approx 350 more miles of stories to come – stay tuned) ….

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