AIDSLifecycle Cyclist Speaks to Oprah Winfrey- Interview #10

The following interviews are the opinions of individuals in the AIDSLifeCycle community No harm of any kind is intended. . . . And each individual’s statements are truly their own ….


Nane: Tracy
Education: CA. State Los Angeles – University Nevada – Las Vegas
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 140lbs.
Age: 38
Birth Place/Origin: Bellflower, CA.
Occupation: Special Education Teacher
Present Location/Where do you live? Henderson, NV 89015
Favorite Book: The Firm

1.)What do you think is the world’s greatest asset?

Answer: The world’s greatest asset is people. We as humans tend to be selfish and wish great things for ourselves, but often do things that limit the wishes of those around us. I find it hard to digest the things we hear in the news regarding the killing of people (for whatever reason). It just seems so crude.

2.) If you could make one wish for humanity what would it be?

My wish for humanity is for all of us to live in peace and harmony and for everyone to have a warm bed to sleep in, a loved one to hug, and plenty of food on the table.

3.) How has the AIDS/HIV Panademic affected you?

The AIDS pandemic has affected me by the loss of my brother Michael. The day he died was tortuous. I can’t verbalize adequately the impact his death has had on myself and my family.

4.) How many years have you participated in the AIDSLifeCycle Event?
I just completed my first AIDSLifeCycle Event!

5.) Have you participated in any other AIDS related charity events? (If so, what? And, how many?)

15 year, I have participated in AIDS Walk Los Angeles

6.) If you had one thing to say to the world, what would it be?
I am thankful for being given the health, strength, and desire to be a positive force in the fight to end “all human suffering, of any kind.”

7.) If you had one thing to say to Oprah Winfrey, what would it be?

If I could talk to Oprah Winfrey I would say, “thanks for all you do for so many people in this world.”

8.) If you had one thing to say to Lance Armstrong, what would it be?

“You are truly amazing! Your strength – physically and emotionally – is a true inspiration!”

9.) What are you passions in life?

My passions in life are my family, reading, cycling. I could go on, but need to move on for fear of sounding like a commercial.

10.) What are your personal goals in life?

My personal goal is to find a taller, steeper, longer hill, climb it, than find another one. And whe I crest that hill, to find one even more challenging. (I speak metaphorically here).

11.) Who is your favorite cyclist?

My favorite cyclist is Lance Armstrong (because he is the antithesis is hope).

12.) What is your life motto?

My life motto is, “never give up.”


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