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Yoga Classes – City Hall – San Francisco

On 08 October, 2006, I continued with my intention of teaching free yoga classes on the lawn of San Franciso’s City Hall. And, a most wonderful day it was .. ..

At 10:00am. May and I began the Surya Namaskar A Yoga Sequence. We then proceed to find repose in Virabhadrasana I. Followed by Virabhadrasana II. And then, Parsvokanasana.

Soon later, a rather large man approached me.

He asked me, “do you mind if I join in?”
I smiled. Laughed. Looked at May. And told him, “sit down.”

I asked him, “do you have any challeges or ailments that I should be aware of?”
He told me, “I have chronic lumbar pain. I’m on methadone, vicodin, morphine, and today, I started taking ibuprofen.”

I refocused the yoga sequence to accomidate lower lumbar pain.

May, the new yogi, and I proceeded with modified versions of BHARADVAJASANA, Marichyasana, and Jathara Parivartanasana

Our new yogi then stood up. And told me, “you are a gift from god. I feel better already.”

He then began to walk through the park. Tet five minutes later, he returned and asked for a flyer. He stated, “I want to take one of your flyers to my group meeting.”

What more could a teacher ask then to have the possibility to help someome work through their pain.

A wonderful day it was. … . .

P.s Don’t forget about my shout out to Harpo Studios & Oprah Winfrey

Iyengar Yoga Classes with Tony   Eason

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