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Donation Yoga Class – Sports Basement

In November 2008, as I was looking at the “Grotto” (community space) of Sports Basement, a light bulb went on. And, I began to ponder over the idea of using Sports Basement’s community space to serve the yoga community. So to get the ball rolling, I began to teach free yoga classes each Sunday at Sports Basement.

A month later, I organized the first yoga teacher schedule, began the internet promotions, and then watched the students arrive. Since that time, the seed has blossomed. And, Sports Basement has applied my initial concept to their other 4 store locations.

Nearly 4 years has passed since I planted the seed of YOGA (and taught that initial yoga class).  Many a yoga teachers, yoga students, cyclist, triathletes, yoga newbie’s (and then some) have rolled their mats out in “the Grotto”  and shared in the practice of Free Yoga Sports Basement.  Who would have ever thought?

Well recently,I was called upon for community service. Which in turn gave me a great idea!  “Ynot” return to “The Grotto” of Sports Basement and use my yoga teaching skills to empower & support the fundraising endeavors of a fellow athlete?  “Ynot” donate my time & give away all proceeds in support of projects that are raising environmental consciousness in the Jewish community?  “Ynot” encourage yoga students to support the yoga community & put their yoga class dollars to good use?  So I invite you to come share in the practice of yoga while simultaneously creating a better world.

Yoga for a Cause: Help Monique Help Hazon

  • 18 February 2012
  • Sports Basement Bryant
  • 1590 Bryant St. (Corner of 15th and Bryant)
  • San Francisco, CA 94103 – [map]
  • 2:00 – 3:30pm. – Donation Yoga Class taught by Iyengar teacher, Tony Eason 
  • 3:30 – 4:30pm. – Reception with free goodies! (including alcoholic beverages).
  • 3:30pm. – Sports Basement Shopping – 10% off and 10% of the proceeds going to Hazon!
  • Bring your friends, a yoga mat and a donation (you can spare). 
  • “Pay what you can afford” (making yoga accessible to every individual).
  • All proceeds will benefit Hazon. 
  • Donate a prize for the raffle.
  • Can’t make it but want to help? visit:

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