Best Yoga Teacher Training

When choosing a Yoga Teacher Training:

  • Verify the qualifications of the institution & the yoga teacher faculty. What Senior yoga teacher’s did each faculty member apprentice / study with etc.? And are their Senior Teacher’s reputable?
  • Check the reviews /feedback of individuals whom have completed the particular yoga teacher training.
  • Check the value of the yoga institution’s certification.  Is the certification recognized throughout the world or just within a particular city or region? Will the yoga certification open doors?
  • Compare each Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum.  Is the training a 200 hour, 500 hour or 24 hour certification?  What does the yoga training cover?


Iyengar Yoga Institute Of  San Francisco | 2yr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum

  • Asana I – Yoga theory and practice of basic asana. – 36 Hours
  • Asana II – Yoga theory and practice of intermediate asana. – 36 hours
  • Asana III – Review and further intensive work on the Asana I and II poses – 27 hours
  • Asana IV Theory and practice of more advanced asanas for the personal practice of the serious yoga student and yoga teacher – 27 hours
  • Teaching I – Practice yoga teaching techniques, visual and verbal skills.- 36 hours
  • Teaching II – Study ethics, student / yoga teacher relationship, practice teaching Asana I poses more intensively, and focus on the theory and practice of physical adjustments and the use of props. – 36 hours
  • Teaching III – Teaching Asana I poses and key poses from Asana II, using the list of poses from the Introductory Certification Assessment. –   27 hours
  • Yoga Apprenticeship – The student is required to complete 50 hours of apprenticeship with an Iyengar teacher certified at the Junior Intermediate I Level or above. – 50 hours
  • Student Teaching – The student must set up his/her own yoga class / yoga studio, and teach for at least 40 hours, with a minimum of four yoga students in each yoga class. – 40 hours
  • Introduction to Pranayama – Exercises to increase awareness of the breathing process preparatory to practicing pranayama. – 18 hours
  • Pranayama I – Discussion and practice of body alignment and breath flow. – 18 hours
  • Pranayama II – Further study of pranayama for the serious yoga student. – 18 hours
  • Yoga Sutras – A study of classical yoga philosophy based upon a reading of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. – 18 hours
  • Bhagavad Gita – The Gita, as a practical handbook for yoga, will be studied and related to daily life – 18 hours
  • Anatomy I – The study of the skeletal, muscular and soft tissue structure of the vertebral column, pelvis and lower extremities – 18 hours
  • Anatomy II – The study of the bones, muscles and soft tissue structure of the chest cavity, shoulder girdle and upper extremities. – 18 hours
  • Physiology – How the body systems function, with some consideration of specific physiological mechanisms activated or affected by yoga practice. – 27 hours


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