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In San Francisco, where the median rent has rose to well over $3,055 per month, it has become increasingly challenging for the local bay area yogis and yoginis to maintain a steady yoga practice while paying $15 to $22 per yoga class  (x) 3 days a week (x) 4 weeks a month.”

Therefore, it has become even more crucial that yoga instructors be made accessible to yoga students regardless of financial status.


Where can you find affordable, donation based or free yoga classes in the S.F. Bay Area ?

  • Below is a list of  San Francisco Bay Area Yoga Teachers and yoga studios who offer affordable, cheap, by donation or free yoga classes.
  • The following donation yoga teachers and classes are posted on as a community service to the Bay Area Yoga Community.
  • For yoga style description, yoga class schedule changes, or detailed yoga instructor biography, please contact each individual directly.

Yoga Class in San Francisco

Outdoor Yoga Class in San Francisco 2016 | 100% Free

Annually, I take my yoga students out of the comfort of the yoga studio & into the streets of San Francisco. The purpose: to see if they can remain focused while the tourist, pedestrians, homeless, sand, wind, and pigeons influence their yoga practice.

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San Francisco

South Bay

Ben Dineen | QiGong & Yoga Classes

East Bay | Berkeley, Oakland

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