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Freelance SEO Consultant, Tony Eason is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Collaborating with web designers or directly with clients, he provides SEO Services on personal websites , small business and/or corporate websites.

Tony can provide you with an SEO Report [written suggestions in a digital format] or implement SEO strategies remotely to your website. He is familiar with Dreamweaver, the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), and the Drupal Content Management Platform (CMP).

Tony has successfully created & implemented SEO Strategies  for Drupal Creative Strategist, Jason Chinn of

[ including the following corporate & small business websites]:


In the early 90′s,  Tony desired to possess his own website.  However, at that time, he could not afford to hire a web designer. Therefore, Tony empowered himself by watching a few “How to make a Website” video tutorials.

Soon following,  he learned “how to” register a domain name; set up a hosting account; configured the domain server; and design his first website [by watching one video tutorial after the next].

Yet, Tony noticed his website was “NO WHERE TO BE FOUND” in the Google Search Engine.  So, he returned to watching tutorials.  But this time, he dove into the world of Search Engine Optimization.

And after reading several SEO Forums; watching a multitude of SEO Tutorials;  and understanding Google Analytics; he began tweaking his website’s:

  • Site Architecture , Keyword Analysis &  Keyword Density.
  • Meta Tags | Title & Description Tags, Alt Tags, <h1> Tags & Image Tags.
  • XML Sitemaps,
  • 301 Redirects
  • RSS Feeds.
  • External Links.
  • Directory Listings

Soon later, his website rose into the “First Page of the Google Search Engine.”

Yet with the introduction of Google Panda & Google Penguin, SEO tactics DRASTICALLY changed.   And after several readings, it became apparent that the old “Optimization Strategies” would no longer fool the artificial intelligence of the Google Algorithm.


How to Get High Rankings in the Google Search Engine

  • On Each Web Page, Do the title & description tags properly describe & match with the actual page content?
  • Is Each Individual Page’s Content Unique?
  • Does the Website provide “Desired Information?”
  • Does the Website have a rewarding & easy User Experience?
  • Are you merging the “Searcher’s Intent” [what the searcher seeks to find] with the page content?

*Type the keyword phrases below in the google search bar and you will see that is in the top ten for the targeted keyword searches:

  • “African American Yoga Teacher.”
  • “Black Yoga Teacher”
  • “Donation Yoga Teacher”
  • “Freelance SEO Consultant San Francisco”
  • “Yoga Teacher, San Francisco.”

SEO Consultant – Yoga Teacher – Event Manager – Road Cyclist – Marathon Runner