SEO Consultant | Tony Eason | San Francisco

Tony Eason is based in the San Francisco Mission District.  Collaborating with web designers or directly with clients, he provides SEO Services on personal websites , small business and/or corporate websites.

Tony can provide you with an SEO Report [suggested website modifications ] or implement SEO strategies himself remotely to your website.

Tony is most familiar with the Wordpress and Drupal Content Management Systems.  He has implemented SEO Services for Drupal Creative Strategist, Jason Chinn of

SEO | Page Content

  • On Each Web Page:
  • Do the Title & Description Tags properly describe & match with the actual page content?
  • Is Each Individual Page’s Content Unique?
  • Does the Website provide “Desired Information?”
  • Does the Website have a Rewarding & User-Friendly Experience?
  • Are you merging the “Searcher’s Intent” [what the searcher seeks to find] with the page content?


SEO Consultant – Yoga Teacher – Event Manager – Road Cyclist – Marathon Runner