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Free Yoga Classes – Sports Basement June 2008

Looking for Free Yoga Classes?

Over the last 7 months, Sports Basement has offer free yoga classes each & every Sunday from 1:00 – 2:30pm. And thanks to the high turn out of yoga students, speed walkers, mothers, coach potatoes, high school students, Fat Tire Beer Specialist, snowboarders and then some, . . .Sports basement has offered it’s location for 6 more months – June – Dec 2008.

So get your shoes. Jump on your bike. Catch the Muni #33, #22, #9 or even the #19 – but, I think you’ll like it.

Sports Basement –San Francisco

  • 1:00 – 2:30pm.
  • 1590 Bryant St.
    San Francisco, CA
    (415) 575-3000

Yoga Teachers of various styles ( Iyengar Yoga , Ashtanga Yoga , Vinyasa , Raja Yoga , Kundalini , Anasara Yoga , Yin Yoga , Power Yoga , Anna Forrest Yoga , etc.) have joined together and presented their unique connection with the yogic path.

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Sports Basement – Yoga Classes – June 2008

Iyengar Yoga Teacher - Melissa MacDonald

01 June 2008 – Iyengar Yoga Teacher – Melissa MacDonald

The first yoga class I went to gave me immediate relief from my lower back pain and I knew without doubt I had stumbled upon a precious gift: I was committed. After ten years of practice, including participation in a two-year Iyengar teacher training program, I now teach yoga. My precise and thoughtful instruction of the yoga poses guides students into a deeper awareness of themselves enabling them to tap into yoga’s gifts of health and transformation.

 Kundalini Yoga Teacher

08 June 2008 – Kundalini Yoga Teacher – Shivie Cook

The first time Shivie practiced Kundalini Yoga she knew this was her primary practice. At the time she was a stressed out, overweight, constantly sick corporate lawyer. Kundalini Yoga gave her a chance to literally breathe and find something deeper within her Being. Three months after ther first practice she left her six figure job and started her Teacher Training. 100 hour work weeks were replaced with a practice of mindfulness, asana and meditation. That was over six years ago.

Today, Shivie is still practicing and enjoying bringing the practice to others, especially those stressed out in the jobs / relationships / life in general! She brings understanding, compassion and most importantly humor to her class – always reminding her students that it is ok to laugh whilst doing yoga. She aims to entice students to take their practice off the mat and into their walking life.

Join Shivie for and invigorating yet relaxing class. Prananyama, asana, meditation and savasana will leave you feeling full of possiblity and ready to face your Infinity. Bought to the West by Yogi Bhajan in 1969, Kundalini is a dynamic practice that is accessible to all, regardless of experience. You will feel the difference after your first session. Strengthen your immune system, cardiovascular capacity, intuition, nervous system and increase flexiblity with Kundalini Yoga.

 Hatha Flow Yoga Teacher - Paul Tucci

15 June 2008 – Hatha Flow Yoga Teacher- Paul Tucci

In 1996, I attended my first class at World’s Gym – San Diego. The Yoga teacher asked “why are you taking this class?:” I answered, “to learn something new about my body”. Through experiencing the Iyengar style of Yoga with Tony Eason, I noticed that my sacrum & lumbar spine started to loosen. I discovered the power of the deep breath, and the mindfulness of the practice.

Les Leventhal inspired me with his insightful and challenging classes. Darren Main & Christopher Love ‘s Hawaii yoga retreat was a celebration of the deepening of my yoga practice and my life.

And after a misguided venture into Real Estate, Joy Ravelli suggested that I become a yoga instructor. That suggestion sent me to many work-shops and eventually to Seattle where i took my teacher training with Anna Forrest.

And, after 11 years, that innocent answer is still the root of what yoga still is for me . Yoga is an exploration of the muscles, the bones, the tendons, the breath, and a break from the churning mind.

Love & peace, Paul.

Astanga - vinyasa yoga teacher

22 June 2008 – Astanga / Vinyasa Teacher – Anita Lalwani

Anita Lalwani teaches an Ashtanga Vinyasa inspired flowing form of yoga with an emphasis on breathwork and core strengthening that will electrify you from your fingers to your toes. She has been practicing yoga since 1985, and teaching since 2005. Anita is also a professional dancer with FatChanceBellyDance and a personal fitness trainer at the San Francisco Bay Club.

Raja Yoga Teacher - Janardhan Chodagam

29 June 2008 – Raja Yoga Teacher – Janardhan Chodagam

Raja Yoga meditation is an open-eyed technique that can be used by anyone, anywhere. Whether you want to learn how to relax, need to be more concentrated and creative or are searching for personal enlightenment, this course can satisfy each of those needs.

Meditation enables you to create new attitudes and responses to life, giving you a clear spiritual understanding of yourself. Like any skill, meditation requires practice to achieve positive and satisfying results. By doing a little every day, it soon becomes a natural and easy habit, which generously rewards you for the little effort it involves.

We will look at:

* Re-discover enjoying and using the positive qualities already latent within you
* Understand your mind and what makes you tick
* Draw peace, strength and tranquillity from a higher source
* Practical guidance in the technique of meditation

Each session will include:
* Know-how
* Philosophy behind meditation and the skill of meditation
* Guided meditation commentaries led by the meditation teacher
* Most importantly a chance to explore what does and doesn’t work for you

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