Yoga Poses in Sanskrit

Yoga Sanskrit - Ardo Muhka Svanasana
“When we learn Karate, we speak Japanese.
When we learn Ballet, we speak French.
When we learn Yoga, we speak Sanskrit.” – Tony Eason

In your yoga class; does your yoga teacher say each yoga pose in Sanskrit?

Well just in case you yoga teacher does not allow you to use your “I phone” to translate; here’s a list of 42 Sanskrit words used to describe yoga postures in  the yoga studio.

Now do your homework & learn the translations!


42 Sanskrit Yoga Asanas


 Download the Sanskrit Root Words

“Not only has there been a reversal of Hatha Yoga and Yoga, whereby Hatha Yoga (the “part”) has been labeled as “Yoga” (the “whole”), but the whole process and scope of Yoga has been effected in our collective perceptions of Yoga.”Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati

Download Yoga Sanskrit Words


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