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Project Rwanda
Striving to walk the path of the karma yogi, I am moved when I experience or view acts of kindness. And today, again – I was touched.

While returning from a training ride loop to San Rafael, CA., I made my usual “pit-stop” at Mike’s Bikes of Sausalito. I visited their “WC.” I purchased some CyloMax. I filled my water bottles. And then, I noticed something different – something new – something simply “FANTASTIC!” (And no, it wasn’t a taxi). It was karma yoga in action.

Africa Bike Drive

How it Works:

“Bring your donation bike (in reasonable working condition) to any Mike’s Bikes store.

Make a $15 donation to cover our discounted shipping rate to get the donation bike over to Africa (optional).

Leave your contact information with Mike’s Bikes for updates on your bike’s journey.

Mike’s Bikes will disassemble and pack your bike into a shipping container, which will sail for Botswana in late April.

Mike’s Bikes will travel to Botswana to unpack the container and assist with building the bikes and distributing them to their sister shop partner.

Jonmol Bicycle

This upstart bike shop in Botswana will sell the bikes at a reasonable price to local residents, and generate operating capital allowing it, in turn, to import more bikes.

By establishing a steady supply chain of bikes—and a reputable dealer to sell, service, and repair them—you will have been instrumental in developing a sustainable source of bicycles for a community that has never had them. It will make a huge difference in the lives of people for decades to come.” – Mike’s Bikes

And another wonderful Aidslifecycle training ride it was .. ..

So remember, it doesn’t matter what you’ve been through .. . .
It doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation, financial status, age, weight, creed, or location is ..
It only matters what you do .. .

If you want to create change (perhaps a better world) – you must begin with yourself . .

Wishing the best of all possible worlds,


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