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KFOG Kaboom

8:30am. –
As sunlight warmed up my bedroom, I sipped on my Peet’s Coffee & contemplated my tasks of the day. And after my morning shower, I jumped on my bike and raced to the James Howell Studio. And upon arrival to the yoga studio, I was greeted by my Saturday morning yoga students. Shortly after wards, we began our weekly yoga class.

2:00pm. –
As I biked towards Pier 32, excitement ran through my body. Why? Because after seven years of being a V.I.P bartender for KFOG, I knew what was about to happen – the 15th Annual KFOG KaBoom!

KFOG’s VIP Clients were presented with “free cocktails at the bar:
1. Smirnoff’s – “Cosmopolitans” – “Mojito’s”, & “Pomergranite Martinis”
2. Hornito’s – “Palomas” – “Perfect Magarita” & “Pomerita”

And to top it off – with her secret Caesar Salad recipe, traditional Italian Pastas, Biscotti, Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Fruit & Cheese Platters, my personal friend /private chef – Lisa Ruggeri Hines of Bella Luxe (the preferred caterer of KFOG’s events) went beyond the call of duty – pleasing the palates of each and every client of KFOG.

As the clients & fans of KFOG roamed the pier & licking their chops – the sounds of Los Lobos blared through the air. Check out the line up:

KFOG Main Stage Performances

4:30-5:05pm Matt Nathanson
5:40-6:30pm Collective Soul
7:20-8:50pm Los Lobos

KFOG Children’s Stage

4:30-5:00pm Boswick the Clown
5:15-5:45pm D.W. Wilson’s Magic Show
6:00-6:30pm The Daffy Dave Show
6:45-7:15pm Jeremy the Juggler
7:30-8:00pm P&T Puppet Theatre

And while standing up (after changing a keg) – “there he was.. . Producer of the KFOG Morning Show, Veteran AIDSLifecycle Cyclist, Greg McQuaid.

Although Greg cannot join us in AIDSLifecycle 2008, he has graciously pointed his sponsors in my direction. And thanks to Greg & the San Francisco Police Officer’s Association, I will become closer to reaching my $2,500.00 fund raising minimum & the San Francisco AIDS Foundation will receive needed funding . My hat is off to KFOG!

KFOG KaBoom Fireworks

At 9:00pm. there was a spectacular array fired over the Bay set to a KFOG World Class Rock soundtrack on 104.5 and 97.7!

Wishing the best of all possible worlds,

Iyengar Yoga Classes with Tony Eason