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Marine Corps Marathon 2014 | Mission Accomplished!

Marine Corps Marathon | Tony Eason | #runwiththemarines

On 11 July 2014, I announced to my YouTube Followers: “Tony Eason will be participating in the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C to honor Master Gunnery Sgt. Ralph Anthony Eason for his 26 years of military service in the U.S. Marine Corps.”


Pre Marine Corps Marathon 2014 | San Francisco

Successfully completing a marathon doesn’t begin on race day!

On 26 September 2014 , while on my 19 mile marathon training run, I felt great pain on my right leg’s outer knee.  And therefore, I halted the run.  I figured “it’s just a bad day.”  And therefore, I took the week off from all cycling and running.

On 03 October 2014, after a week off, I began another 19 mile training run.  Again, after 9 miles, I felt great pain on my outer knee.  The run was halted.  And, I began to question my ability to participate in and/or complete the Marine Corps Marathon on 26 October 2014.  

[I needed a miracle.  It was time to call in “the big guns”].

On 06 October 2014, I began to browse the Google Search Engine for articles on “outer knee pain injuries.”  I discussed concerns with my running mentors.  And, I consulted physical therapy practitioners and mental wellness advisers.  

After gathering all the information, my support team concluded;  “You are suffering from IT Band Syndrome.”


  • I initiated physical therapy stretches to strengthen the muscles of the leg.
  • I purchased new running shoes to lessen the right ankle pronation.
  • I applied KT Tape to assist in healing the injury.
  • I ingested Homeopathic Arnica Montana to relieve pain and inflammation.
  • I placed ice packs on my right outer knee to relieve inflammation.
  • I refrained from running until “26 October 2014 | Race Day”
  • I kept my mind “focused on my duty.”

Pre Marine Corps Marathon 2014 | SFO to DCA

On 23 October 2014, I boarded US Airways Flight 610 from San Francisco International [SFO] to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, Virginia [DCA]. 

Soon following, I hopped the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authoriy Metro System [WMATA] to my temporary home in Takoma Park, Maryland.

[Tacoma Park Maryland is very beautiful].

On 24 October 2014, I attended the Marine Corps Marathon 2014 Health and Fitness Expo.  And as I chatted with the Marines, the little man in my head repeatedly said, “you can’t possibly pull this off.”

Yet every time the little man spoke; I looked at a note I received from my mother [three days prior],  and exhaled,   Although the odds were against me; I focused on my duty.

My duty = “FINISH!”

Marine Corps Marathon 2014 | Arlington National Cemetery

On 26 October 2014, my birthday, I arrived to the start line of the Marine Corps Marathon 2014.  And although I was not certain how long my knee would hold up, I knew; I had to go through this marathon experience. I knew; I refused to face my father without the finisher medal.

At approximately mile 15 of the Marine Corps Marathon my IT Band Syndrome returned. The pain was even greater than before.  Therefore, my run was halted.  And, I pulled myself over to the side of the road . 

Feeling dishonorable, I sat in Gomukhasana and meditated.  I searched for a solution; a miracle; a anything.

Minutes later, I yelled out “HELL NO! NOT TODAY!”

With 11 miles to go, I picked my head up high, relaxed my jaw, remembered my duty and continued to run forward.

At mile 18,  I was stepping through the National Mall at a tortoise’s pace.  Yet the tough love of the U.S. Marine Corps Troops brought me through the pain. 

As the Marines yelled out “Master Guns;” I was reminded of “why I was there.” Accordingly, I sucked it up and kept on stepping forward  [like a Marine would ].

At mile 19, a fellow marathon runner whispered in my ear.  

  • “If you make it to the bridge by 1:15 pm; you will complete the marathon.
  •  If you do not make it to the bridge by 1:15 pm; you will be transported by the bus to the finish line.”

Again, I yelled out “HELL NO! NOT TODAY!”  
And then, I began to sing Whitney Houston’s “Step by Step.”

Arriving to mile 20 at 12:4pm., I “Beat the Bridge”.

And as I proceeded to mile 21, I realized, “I had been humbled.”

You see;

  • I had never experienced participating in an athletic event with a prior injury.  
  • I had never experienced being an athlete in “the back of the pack.”
  • I had never felt so much pain.
  • I had a new understanding of what “the slow people” go through during their 26.2 mile experience.

At mile 23, I drank 1/2 can of beer [with a fellow marathon runner].
At mile 24, I ate 10 Duncan Donuts – Donuts Holes.
At mile 26.2, I got that Marine Corps Marathon 2014 Finisher Medal!

Thanks to the support of my San Francisco Community of Friends, Tacoma Park, Maryland, and the troops of the United States Marine Corps, I can now mail the finisher medal to my father, Master Gunnery Sergeant, Ralph Anthony Eason.

A most BRUTAL yet precious experience indeed!


Marine Corps Marathon – Official Website http://www.marinemarathon.com/